Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Last Fifty Yards, Second Attempt


I tried this awhile ago with 10mm, now I'm giving it another shot in 15mm.  It's the summer of 1944, and we're going to follow a squad of Canadians and a squad of Germans that keep running into each other around Caen during the campaign in Normandy.  I plan on playing these out with my 6-year old boy using the original "Five Men in Normandy;" I suppose I'll let him choose whether he wants to be Germans or Canadians.  With the slower pace of 5MIN (vice 5MAK) and playing on a bit larger table (maybe 3' x 3') it should be a bit more realistic.  We'll add a vehicle in every now and again.  Here are the rosters:

Squad Leader: Corporal Kelly - WIA, return 25 Jul 1944 (F1).
-Dropped out of college to get in the fight, looking for anyway out of his small town existence.  This will be his first action of the war.
Assistant Squad Leader: Lance Corporal Reed -WIA but immediately returned to duty (F1).
-Grew up on the farm, every bit the good comrade.  Yet to hear a shot fired in anger.
Light Machine Gunner: Lance Corporal Kelso - WIA, sent home and medically discharged (F1).
-Worked the plow, but ran into a bit of trouble with the neighbor's daughter and needed to skip town.  Was serving with a British unit when they were kicked off the continent back in '40.
Assistant Gunner: Private Odames - WIA, evacuated to England for the duration of the Normandy campaign (F1).
-Coming out of the coal mines, would do anything to stop the Hun here, away from his family.  Fought with the British in North Africa, was part of the disaster at Dieppe, and spent some time in Italy prior to transfer to this unit for Normandy.
Rifleman: Lance Corporal Bennet
-Been a soldier all he's life, fell in love with the brotherhood of shared hardship.  Found plenty of shared harship in Ortona, Italy.
Rifleman: Private Talley - WIA, return 24 Jul 1944 (F1).
-Coming from the apple, pear, and peach orchards, he's got a bad feeling he'll not see home again, too much time at the front in Italy.
Rifleman: Private McKellar
-Just finished school.  Not graduated, finished.  It's time to prove himself a man.  He's been training for two years now and is chomping at the bit.
Rifleman: Private Lofton
-An aspiring writer, wanting to show the real side of war, always looking for the next great adventure.  Spent some time with a South African unit, very exotic, but now it's time to get to the 'real' war.
Rifleman: Private Thomas
-Straight out of military school, raring to go.  The Jerry's got his brother at Dunkirk and it's time for payback.  Still wet behind the ears, but ready for action.
Rifleman: Private Levy
-A first-class widget maker at the local factory.  Tired of being pounded nightly by the Luftwaffe, he's eager for a fight of his own, and he's going to prove himself a tiger.  Surely he'll be a tiger after all this training.

PIAT Gunner: Lance Corporal Jackson
-Local union boss.  Well, almost, give it time.  He's chasing the Victoria Cross, and figures hunting Jerry tanks is a good start.  Ready to get at the Jerries after nothing but training the past two years.
Assistant Gunner: Private Bentley
-Quite the local carpenter, he's up in arms for the glory of Canada!  Boot camp was fun, now let's get to it!

Squad Leader: Corporal Wyche
-Longing for his fields of potato and cabbage, he's not sure he'll live to see them again.  Two years on the Eastern Front will do that to you.
Assistant Squad Leader: Lance Corporal Krumrie
-Former train conductor, he left for the front to defend the Fatherland.  Of course the Wehrmacht put him to work as a military policeman, where he's spent the past two years, but now his chance for combat has finally arrived.
Light Machine Gunner: Lance Corporal Fulcher - WIA, return 7 Aug 1944 (F1).
-Just finished preparatory school, he's aware the war is not going well and he will do anything to protect his family.  Training seemed awfully short, but now the Amis have landed.
Assistant Gunner: Private Wilhelm - WIA, evacuated to Germany for duration of Normandy campaign (F1).
-In and out of trouble with the law, couldn't really hold down a job.  He figures the war is his chance to prove his worth, if he can just return a hero.  Despite time in North Africa and Italy he hasn't been able to accomplish it yet, but this campaign will surely be the ticket.
Rifleman: Lance Corporal Brucke - WIA, return 23 Jul 1944 (F1).
-Former shoer of horses, he'll fight to defend Gemany against the Communists and Imperialists.  Training was quick but intense, and now it's time for action.
Rifleman: Private Keile - WIA, return 2 Aug 1944 (F1).
-Used to drive a tractor, he aspires to something greater.  Once he wins the Iron Cross they will surely make him an officer.  Involved in a few fights in Italy, things didn't quite go as expected, but now that he's a 'veteran' he has high hopes.
Rifleman: Private Tomsen
-Accustomed to long days in the fields, he has traded his plow for a rifle to defend his country.  So far that's consisted of moving food, ammunition, and weapons to the front, but now he's been granted a transfer to the infantry it's his turn.
Rifleman: Private Busse
-Previously a traffic cop, he longs to shower himself in glory.  As a rear echelon troop on the East Front, so far all he's done is blow roads and bridges up and march to the rear, but now he'll be on the front lines!
Rifleman: Private Voote
-A youngster, straight from school.  He's not happy to be here, interested only in getting home to his darling wife, whom he married on graduation day.  Training is finished and now it is time for battle.
Rifleman: Private Braun
-An orphan, migrant agricultural worker, the state is the only family he's ever known, and he is prepared to sacrifice all for it.  He's been in it since the start, from Poland to France to Greece to the Soviet Union.

PzFaust Gunner: Lance Corporal Hulman
-Previously a mason, he desperately wants to get home, but he's sure this war is going to swallow him up.  In his previous job in administration, he had to deal with regular bombing raids on his headquarters.  Can't imagine how life will be at the front.
Assistant Gunner: Private Heilarie
-Father a small-town bigwig of the Party, and he's looking to establish a background suitable to advancement there.  Enough with training, time to get out there and prove himself!


  1. Its aboot time to have a Canadian battle :)

    They're sorry.. but not as sorry as Jerry will be.

    1. You betcha, hoser! And we'll see how sorry the Germans are... You don't know what I mean yet, but I do ;)


  2. Good luck for the second attempt. Looking forward to the battreps!

    1. Thanks Shaun, and first one coming right up.