Saturday, September 8, 2018

New Crescent Root Buildings and HR Bare Metal


Yesterday afternoon was Christmas in September.  I was waiting (not long, mind you) on two sizeable shipments, one from Crescent Root Studio, and one from Heroics and Ros, and wouldn't you know it but both arrived on the same day!  So I figured I'd post a few pics, take a gander.

The Crescent Root order: three of the new Middle East buildings, several of the new industrial red-brick buildings, a few platforms, ramps, and some accessories.

The centerpiece, looking great and waiting to be battled over.  All the roofs come off except the bottom right one.  They also have internal floors, three in the main building, though I'm not sure how I'd get my hand in there to manipulate 15mm troops.

Next building, again with removable roof and internal 1st and 2nd floors.

Two more buildings on the L-shaped platform, also showing a ramp.

Another large building on a platform with ramp.

And the last building (bottom center), on a platform.

And the accessories, various crates, sacks, and barrels.  Cool table litter to hide behind and fight over.

The first Middle East building, itsy bitsy.  Unfortunately it's small enough that the roof doesn't come off.  But it's a cool little setup to add to the table.

A little bigger Middle East building.  Damn, I forgot to check this one to see if the roofs come off!  Might not, seeing how small the buildings themselves are.

And the hotel.  The roof does come off, and I apologize, I meant to take pictures of the back side of this one as it's a multi-faceted building.

In any case, fantastic stuff, can't wait to get them on the table.  Moving on, my WWII Caen project continues to progress, I received the rest of my necessary implements of battle.

Here's the whole mess of unpainted lead, about $130 bucks worth, including shipping.

The Brits got some Universal ("Bren") Carriers (top right), some prime movers (just left of them), some armored cars (top center), some trucks (top left), and some Shermans (bottom).  I thought I ordered Fireflies, but nope, I checked, I ordered regular old Shermans.  Which makes sense, I guess, I certainly needed more Shermans, but this means I must have told myself that I'll just use the US 76mm Shermans as Fireflies.

Moving on, the Brits get more halftracks (bottom center), and some Churchills.  The only problem in the whole order is here: I'm missing two Churchill turrets, so I put Cromwell turrets on them (top left, the bottom two).  I think it will work fine.


And last up for the Brits are a bunch of Cromwells (top left) and a Typhoon.  Regarding the Cromwells, I need to get this figured out.  My understanding is that the entire 7th Armored Division had Cromwells, while only the Armored Reconnaissance Regiments of the other tank divisions (4th and 11th?) had Cromwells, the rest of their tanks being Shermans.  So I need to figure out how the Armored Reconnaissance Regiments fit into the scheme of my fighting.

On to ze Germans.

The Germans got five of the dreaded '88s', some motorcycle troops, some engineer halftracks, some Sdkfz 222s...

Some Panzer IVHs (to go with the IVGs I already have) and Sdfkz 251s...

A bunch of Panthers...

Some Sdkfz 7 prime movers, then a few monsters: three Tiger IIs and three Jagdpanthers.

Plus a bunch of extra tits for the trucks, an extra Sherman turret, and an extra Cromwell turret!  Better to have too much than not enough.

Anyway, just a quick update, more to come.


Friday, September 7, 2018

Storm's a Brewin'...


Hey, an update: we've got Vietnam-era stuff, World War One-era stuff, and progress on my WWII Caen project.  Last weekend was incredibly productive for me from a wargaming standpoint, just haven't had much time for the blog this week.  So I apologize, but sit back and drink in my latest batch of productivity, and I've got eight battle reports to write up and post (over on my Cuba Libre blog), coming as quick as I can.

So the production standpoint of last weekend was focused on finishing up old stuff, and rebasing some more old stuff to get it prepped for new projects and my new way of doing business, so to speak.

First up is 10mm Vietnam-era stuff.  A US Army force from Pendraken, a US Marine force from Minifigs UK, and a North Vietnamese Army force from Pendraken.  The two US forces were on my old thick bases; seen plenty of fights, but now I'm going to thin bases so I re-did them.  The NVA have laid on the shelf for at least five years, unfinished, primed but otherwise untouched, and unloved, so I finally got around to remedying that.

Here is the Pendraken US Army force: three rifle platoons of three rifle stands and an officer, each, the company command stand, and then a Weapons Platoon with an officer, an 81mm mortar team, and then it get a little weird.  I've got an M1917 .30 cal MG from Pendraken's WWII US Marine line, a .50 cal from Pendraken's Argentinians, and then I've got a TOW ATGM from Minifigs.  The TOW is because I used these troops in an alt-history campaign, not for Vietnam gaming.

The Company commander.

And a look at a couple Lieutenants, and their men.

Again, with some Wpns Plt guys in the foreground.

The .30 cal MG.

TOW and 81mm mortar.

And the .50 cal HMG.

More riflemen.

Then we get to the Minifigs, Vietnam-era US Marines.  Only six rifle stands, a command stand, and a lone figure (officer, platoon sergeant, or hero, I suppose).

A look at the command stand.

What drew me to the Minifigs' Marines is the fact they've got M-14s sprinkled in (I'm looking at you, Phil!), which is not only historically correct, but just plain cool.


And then we get to the Pendraken North Vietnamese Army regulars, finally completed after all these years.  They've got a company commander, four platoon leaders, three rifle platoons of three squads (stands), and a large Weapons platoon of a recoiless rifle (from their Vietminh range), two 12.7mm Dshk HMGs, and two 82mm mortars.

The Company Commander, with radioman from the Vietminh range.

Rifle stands, each with an RPG, or perhaps a B40.

Rifle stands.

Weapons Platoon leader and recoiless rifle.

The Dshk HMGs, on anti-aircraft mounts, but won't stop me from using them in the ground support role.

And the two mortars.  These have some Vietminh crewmen in there.

And speaking of projects that have lain about, doing nothing for years...

How about some more Pendraken 10mm goodness.  What is it, you ask?  Why, it's US Marines and Germans for the First World War!

The US Marine force, with command stand at right, three three-stand rifle platoons, and a three-stand machine gun platoon.  Not sure if I like it or not, but I tried to do the bases up with mud-puddles.  Not bad, but probably not great, either...

The machine gun platoon, with French Hotchkiss MGs.  The officer figure, with helmet and .45 service pistol in hand, is one of my all-time favorite figures.  Rifle stands are below; at bottom right you can see a Marine with a  'Show-show' (Chauchat, an apparently piece of garbage light machine gun).

The three rifle platoons.  I say platoons, but I'm probably going to use Ivan's "Squad Hammer" rules and call each stand a platoon.  Hell, possibly even a company, I need to do some reading on Chateau Thierry, Belleau Woods, etc..., and see what makes the most sense.

A closeup of the command stand, an officer in greatcoat, and a Marine rifleman who's bayonet I accidentally snapped off...

Look at those MGs and Marine officer with .45, love it!

Close up of rifle stands, you can see the Chauchats, and another officer pose, again in greatcoat with peaked cap.

More Teufelhunden…

And one more.

And the Germans, set up exactly the same as the Marines.

German command stand, officer with Pickelhaube.  A little anachronistic at this stage of the war, probably, but I can live with it.  Another officer pose at top left, on a rifle stand.

The German machine gun platoon/company/battalion.  Maxims for miles!

The rifle platoons/companies/battalions.  You can see at top left, that I threw in some German light machine guns (MG08/15, I believe it was called).

More German rifle stands.

German Maxim MG08.

And MG08/15.

I really like the German officer with helmet and Luger (bottom left, little blurry).

And one last look at ze Germans.

I bet some of you thought I'd forgotten about my Caen project... WRONG!!!  Slowly building up to it.  I'm still waiting on an order from HR, but I've got a bunch of work to do on stuff I already own, so I got to it.  Didn't finish it, but started on it.

Here's all the WWII 6mm Heroics and Ros stuff I own so far, with more on the way.  In the center is the infantry, command, arty, and ATGs.  I pulled everything off those giant, thick 60mm x 30mm bases, and put them on pennies.  As you see, I also pulled all the vehicles off those big bases, and in the Caen project the vehicles will not be based, so they're ready to roll.  Just need to flock all those damn pennies!

Here are some more looks at what I've got.

Not bad, eh?  Plenty of toys, again, with more on the way.  At first I was looking at using Blitzkrieg Commander to play out the Caen project, but now I'm looking at a variant of Ivan's "Squad Hammer" rules (a lot of that going around, apparently), still waiting on him to get back to me on some unit stats I suggested, actually ;)

Anyway, progress continues, and I can't wait to get to this project.  The games are going to be big, and the scope is truly massive, and my son and I are going to duke it out, mano a mano.  Our battles will be legendary!!!  Now I have to get over to Cuba Libre and work on those batreps…