Friday, July 27, 2018

A Painting Update


After last weekend's painting fest, I've been able to get some more stuff done.  In this edition, I grassed the 15mm Aussies and Italians and the 10mm FFL project troops, I completed all my jungle and village stuff from Flashpoint Minis, I got some more 10mm Modern troops prepped, and I'd like to introduce some fine looking 3D prints from Butlers Printed Models.  Oh, and I bought some more read-painted terrain from Battlefront!

The Italians (left) and the Aussies (right) from Battlefront, now with grass.

The Aussies.

Their mustachioed, Tommy-Gun carrying Platoon Sergeant.

A couple Section Leaders.

And Leftenant Paul Hogan.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin-loving Italians for North Africa and Sicily.


And one more.

And then I grassed all the 10mm Modern troops I'd finished up the other day.

Left to right is Israelis, Insurgents, and French SOF.

Some more.  I think the grass really livens things up a bit.

The French line infantry and Arab civilians.

Side shot of the whole mess.

Close up of French weapons and rifle stands.

More of the same.

And let's get to those 10mm Butlers Printed models: truly fantastic!!!  I went in for four HMMWVs, two with Ma Deuce, one with TOW, and one with Mk19.  The TOW is actually from Minifigs Modern US, as is the figure in the cupola for one of the .50-cal gun trucks.

A .50-cal gun truck with Minifigs dude.

The TOW truck.

The Mk19 automatic grenade launcher gun truck.

And the other HMG truck.

Some more BPM heavy metal (or light plastic, as it were): a pair of LAV-25s, and, with all this talk of NATO, I went in for some old fashioned panzertruppen.  I almost painted them some camo-scheme based on dunkelgelb, but figured that could have folks coming out of the woodwork to accuse me of being a closet Nazi, so I went with a simple olive drab.  I'm only sort of joking; such is the state of affairs on some 'wargaming' forums.  Anyway, I digress, and I apologize, from here on out, let's stick purely to wargaming.

The LAVs.

The Marder IFVs (with hand-painted crosses, no less!).

And a Leopard II, one of my favorite tanks, based purely on aesthetics.  And not the (relatively) new, redesigned, Transformers-looking monstrosity, but this one, this model, whichever one it is.

And let's get some Russkies: a ZSU-23-4 and a BRDM scout car, primed medium green and heavily dry-brushed.


Sorry, not sure why these pics are in here.  Did I not finish them last time?  Last time may been simply finished painting, but not washed.  I dunno…

The Technicals.

I finished all my jungle stuff from Jimmi at Flashpoint Minis!  Absolutely loving the bamboo!

Closer look.




Yes, more.  A closeup of the flocking I put on the tree and bamboo bases.  Not beautiful, but passes muster in my book.

All the jungle village stuff I have.  Everything is from Flashpoint Minis, except the goat, that's from Kyote.

You can see the huts I just did (on right) are a bit darker than the ones I did previously.

A look at the two new shrines.

And the original (bottom left, next to the well, with the other two at top/top right).

The old stuff.

All the rest of my jungle trees.  The darker green is all from Flashpoint, the bright green is cheap trees off of Ebay.

This shows how they mix in color with the stuff I just bought.


I prepped some more 10mm Modern troops.  Need to sand them, prime them, paint them, wash them, and grass them.  But then they're ready ;)  Put the Peter Pig US Marines on pennies, need to grass them.  Put Jimmi's Montagnards on popsicle sticks.  Still have the hotel and train station to paint.  Also found some roadblocks that are primed and ready for paint (bottom center).

A closer look.

Oh, and I forgot something (right)!!!

Some more 10mm from Butlers Printed Models: two Land Rovers, two Scimitars, two FV432s, and a Chieftain.

The new stuff from Battlefront.  I ordered their craters and their 'shattered battlefield.'  This is really awesome, stuff I badly need, and I didn't have to do any work!!!!

The craters.

The shattered battlefield, with four bases of craters/tree stumps.

And four bases of water-filled craters.  Awesome!!!

Well, thanks for looking, and I'm stoked for some games this weekend.  Just gotta figure out what those will be...