Sunday, July 20, 2014

"The Last Fifty Yards" Table of Organization

"The Last Fifty Yards"

A Company, 1st Battalion, The Royal Windsor Foresters (**with respect to the Lardies**)
France, August 1944 to December 1944

Company Commander: Major Sorenson

Company XO: Captain Legan
Company SgtMaj: Sergeant Major Travers
PIAT Gunner: Lance Corporal Leon

1st Platoon
Platoon Leader: Lieutenant Dillon
Platoon Sergeant: Sgt Freduelve
1st Squad: Corporal Gwydion
2nd Squad: Corporal Drakenganer
3rd Squad: Corporal Womble

2nd Platoon
Platoon Leader: Lieutenant Keepers
Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant Lejunfore
1st Squad: Corporal Harwood
2nd Squad: Corporal Tocapixie
3rd Squad: Corporal Tecnough 

3rd Platoon
Platoon Leader: Lieutenant Ronan
Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant Evahnkeath
1st Squad: Corporal Lemmey
2nd Squad: Corporal Herzbleu
3rd Squad: Corporal Lt Poller

Replacements (sorry fellas, there just weren't as many billets as "Hell on Wheels," but don't worry, I have no doubt you'll be getting in the game):

Tommies (I've been given a great list of nicknames for the infantrymen, which will be abstractly represented, i.e., I won't be trying to follow every rifleman in the entire company, but I'll need a good six or so every game):




Sunday, July 13, 2014

Operation Avalanche Platoon Roster

Sorry guys, my gaming has been seriously curtailed; not much time with the new baby on deck.  But you know me, I can't go too long without sneaking off for a bit of gaming...

Following the mop up on Sicily, the regiment jumped into Italy in support of Operation Avalanche, the Landing at Salerno, 13 September 1943 to 4 January 1944.  They were not involved in much fighting, then were evacuated to the UK to  prep for Overlord.  My goal with this is very limited: I recently purchased a set of rules called "Five Men in Normandy" and want to test them out with a few games, so I figured my 'All-Americans' platoon could serve nicely as a test bed.  If this works (i.e., if I'm happy with the rules), my intent is to start a new campaign with Brits vs. Germans in Normandy.

1st Platoon, Dog Company, 1st Battalion, 499th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division

Operation Husky Roster

HQ Element:                                                    
Platoon Commander - 2Lt Jack Shepherd (Sicily: PH, BS w/V): Rec BS w/V (11)
Platoon Sergeant - SSgt Sawyer Ford (Sicily: SS w/V)
Radio/Telephone Operator - Sgt Gamble (Sicily)
Bazooka Gunner - Cpl Ignacio (Sicily: PH, BS w/V)
Bazooka Assistant (stand Garand) - PFC Fitzgerald (Sicily)

1st Squad, Rifle Team:
Squad Leader - Sgt Bettis (Sicily): PH (11), rtn 21 Oct        
Rifleman (kneel SMG) - Cpl Lake (Sicily)
Rifleman (stand carbine) - Pvt Calhoun (Sicily: PH)
Rifleman (port Garand) - Pvt Swenson (Sicily)
Rifleman (rush Garand) - Pvt Chisholm (Sicily)

1st Squad, BAR Team: 
Assistant Squad Leader - Cpl John Locke (Sicily)
Automatic Rifleman - Cpl Fox (Sicily)
Rifleman (crouch carbine) - Pvt Grant (Sicily)
Rifleman (fire Garand) - Pvt Hughes (Sicily)
Rifleman (kneel Garand) - Pvt Ivers (Sicily)

2nd Squad, Rifle Team:
Squad Leader - Cpl Keepers (Sicily): PH (10); Local Evac, rtn 12 Oct
Rifleman (kneel Mohawk) - PFC Alston (Sicily: PH, BS w/V): Rec BS w/V (1)
Automatic Rifleman - PFC India (Sicily: PH x 2)
Rifleman (crouching carbine) - Pvt Edge (Sicily: PH)
Rifleman (port Garand) - PFC Danson (Sicily)

2nd Squad, BAR Team:
Assistant Squad Leader - 
Squad Machine Gun (gunner) - PFC Cahill (Sicily: PH)
Squad Machine Gun (asst gunner) - Pvt Jackson (Sicily: PH)
Rifleman (fire Garand) - 
Rifleman (port Garand) - Pvt Girardo (Sicily: PH x2)

3rd Squad, Rifle Team:
Squad Leader - Sgt Glenn (Sicily: DSC, PH x 2)                                        
Rifleman (stand Mohawk) - PFC Ertz (Sicily: PH x 2)
Rifleman (stand SMG) - Pvt Xavier (Sicily: PH)
Rifleman (stand carbine) - Pvt Anders (Sicily)
Rifleman (port Garand) - Pvt Johnson (Sicily: PH x 2)

3rd Squad, BAR Team:
Assistant Squad Leader - Cpl Charley Pace (Sicily: PH x 2)                                                                  
Automatic Rifleman - Cpl Timmons (Sicily)
Rifleman (rush Garand) - PFC Leshore (Sicily)
Rifleman (crouch carbine) - Pvt O'Rourke (Sicily)
Rifleman (port Garand) - Pvt Kleen (Sicily)

Weapons Platoon Support:
Medium Machine Gun Team:
Gunner - PFC Clue (Sicily: PH x 2)
A-Gunner - Pvt Dederick (Sicily)
Ammo Carrier - Pvt House (Sicily)
Ammo Carrier - Pvt Molsby (Sicily)

60mm Mortar Team:
Gunner - Cpl Richard Alpert (Sicily)
A-Gunner - Pvt Black (Sicily)
Ammo Carrier - Pvt Delby (Sicily)
Ammo Carrier - Pvt Stadler (Sicily)

Combat Engineer NCO:
NCO - Sgt Cade Austen (Sicily)
Engineer (rush Garand) - Pvt Teague (Sicily)
Engineer (flamethrower) - Pvt Overbay (Sicily)
Engineer (bangalore) - Pvt Kuhalski (Sicily)
Engineer (pole charge) - Pvt Bliss (Sicily)

Regimental Support:
57mm Anti-Tank Gun (single, section, platoon)
NCO - Sgt "Penny" Widmore (Sicily: PH)
Gunner - Pvt Peel (Sicily)
Gunner - Pvt Pippen (Sicily: PH)
Gunner - Pvt Vinson (Sicily: PH)

Divisional Support
M4 Sherman (single, section, platoon)
Tank Commander - SSgt Leclaire Littleton (Sicily)

M3 Stuart (single, section, platoon)
Tank Commander - SSgt Sonny Moon (Sicily)

Cpl Everson (Sicily, Italy): PH (10), Evac US
Pvt Longwood (Sicily, Italy): PH (10), Captured