Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Working on a 6mm Modern Sale - SOLD


EDIT: It’s all gone, everything. Thanks to my buddies Darren and Steve!

My buddy Steve is in the market for some 6mm Warsaw Pact armor and I thought I might be able to help him out.  Whilst going through my stuff, I figured I may as well catalogue all of it as it's a bunch of stuff that apparently is never going to see the gaming table, what with the eight million other projects I've got going on.

In any case, I haven't got this all figured out, but I've got some pics and some stuff counted, no prices figured out yet, but I'll post prices ASAP.

Here's all my 6mm Warsaw Pact stuff.  I've also got a box of NATO stuff we'll get to.

Here's a box of the only stuff ready to play, as based, which is three vehicles per stand for the 'line' elements, with some AA, AT, and Recon 'assets' singly based.  The two forces are identical in size/capability, though they differ in types of vehicles used.

The "tan" force has nine stands of T-72s and nine stands of BMP1s.  You can see the Command Stand at bottom left, with some ZSUs, SP SAMs (SA9s?), and SPGs to its right.

There are also three stands of engineers (or whatever you want them to be, I'm just telling you what I planned to use them for) with BTR50s, and three 'special purpose' stands, one with BMDs and two with PT76s, which I planned to use as either airborne or Marine infantry.  For the assets, you can see some Recce and infantry heavy weapons (120mm mortars, ATGMs).

And then at far right are two stands of SP Arty, and two stands of BRDMs with ATGMs.

The 'green' force is set up the same way as the tan force, but has T-90s and BMP2s, different SP SAMs (SA13s, I believe).

More looks at the green force.

Instead of BTR50s, the green force has MTLBs.

Here we get to my man Steve, T-55s and BTRs.  First up, the numbers: 39 T-55s and 37 BTRs, BUT... of the T-55s, 28 are GHQ of various model T-55s, and 11 are from CinC, very early model T-55s, and the BTRs are 28 from GHQ and 9 from CinC.  The CinC BTRs are BTR-60s, but the GHQ models are BTR-80s.

A closer look, all GHQ stuff.

More GHQQ stuff.

GHQ, with CinC creeping in at far left.

And a couple loose models.

A look at the difference between GHQ T-55s (left) and CinC (right).

And the BTRs (GHQ on left, CinC on right).

Getting back to 'other stuff: for any of you interested in Poles or some Arab nations, I've got a whopping 45 OT-64 APCs.


Next box.

I've got nine Chinese APCs (Type 63 I think?).

Oops, somehow nine Spahpanzer Luchs got in here!

Nine more BTR50s.

Nine more BMP1s.

18 SPGs of a few various types, sorry I don't know what they are, but...

There are long barrels, and short barrels...

And even medium barrels.

There are six trucks with rocket launchers (looks like something out of the Balkans, Chechnya, and/or Afghanistan), and somehow three US ammo carriers slipped in here.

I've got 31 T-72s.

15 Chinese T-55 copies (that is, GHQ models of the Chinese version of the Soviet T-55.  I think it's called a Type 69).

Five T-90s (ignore the T-72 in the left center, it's counted with the T-72s).

A whopping 58 T-62s.

Nine PT-76s (I think Chinese versions).

How about a box of NATO stuff?  I haven't counted it yet, but here are some pics.

There's a British force of Chieftains and FV432s (though the FV432s are kinda a mess, some troop carriers with top closed, some with top open, some mortar carriers that I didn't add the mortar on, some Swingfires.  I bought them secondhand myself, so I was doing what I could to make a viable force).  There are also some Abbott SP Arty and Centurion engineer vehicles.

Looks like there are 9 armor stands, 9 mech infantry stands, 3 recce stands (Scimitars), one command, one arty, one engineer.

Brits again.

There's also a couple of Lynx attack helicopters and some primed British infantry floating around.

Some Canadians, primed.  18 Leopard Is, some M-113 mortar carriers (not sure if they're M-106s or M-125s), some M-901s, some M-109s, looks like 9 M-114s, 12 M-113s of different models (some with turrets), stuff for a command stand.

Some modern Brits, 10 Challengers and 9 Warriors, primed.  Also an F-4 Phantom, AH-1 Cobra, and OH-58.

Some more Canadians, this group is ready to fight.  Six stands of Leopard Is (though they're not the right model, they're the German model), four mech infantry stands (M-113s), Command, ATGMs on LAV chassis, Centurion engineer, some ATGM, AA, Recon, and arty assets.

Another look.  Oh, lookie there, three more Scimitars (bottom right).

Anyway, I just wanted to get these pics up and posted, I'll be back, or feel free to make me an offer.  You can reach me at big jack mac (at) hot mail (dot) com    

I shall return...