Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Next Ten Old Glory Napoleonic Battalions, Plus Cavalry WIP


I've been slaving away, trying to get my mountain of Old Glory Napoleonic figures painted up, maybe even get a game in this decade.  I've literally got more raw Napoleonic lead than I can count, and I have no end goal in sight (with regards to how many units of various types I want/need to have), but I'm gonna keep charging ahead.  Initially I'm looking at, per side: 6 infantry battalions, two cavalry squadrons, two artillery batteries with limbers, and a CinC and a couple brigade commanders.  I'll also figure out some skirmish bases/units somewhere along the way.  My next step will be to double all that.  So far, I've got the initial batch of infantry done (12 battalions total), and I'm working on the four cavalry squadrons.  Previously I posted my first two infantry battalions (one French, one Austrian); I've now finished up the other ten infantry battalions (five per side).  Let's take a look.

The whole mess, so far: twelve line infantry battalions, six per side, with Austrians on the left and French on the right.

French on top, Austrians on bottom.

Austrians on left, French on right.

French on top, Austrians on bottom.

French on top.

Austrians on top, French on bottom.

Austrians on top.

Closeups of Austrians, you can see some facing colors.

Some French behinds ;)



Austrian rears.


French closeups.  You can see the different colored pom-poms.



One more.

A super closeup of a French command stand.

And an Austrian one.

Now, just for fun I guess, a few shots of my cavalry as work in progress.

Four squadrons, two French at top and two Austrian at bottom.

The first French squadron is a squadron of Hussars.  So far I've only done the horse colors for the French.


The second French squadron is a squadron of Lancers.


On to the Austrians, where their first squadron is a unit of Cuirassiers.  They are almost completed.


And the second Austrian unit is a squadron of Hussars.


Well, that's all for now.  Pretty happy with how everything is turning out, pretty proud of my productivity.  I'm getting there, slowly but surely.  The infantry is really a pain in the butt (just so many), but the cavalry, which I plan on doing only twelve figures per unit, three per base, four bases per squadron, is going pretty damn quick, actually.  We'll see how the artillery, limbers, and command stands go.  I hate painting limbers...