Sunday, June 30, 2019

Tiny Air Combat Kicking into High Gear!


I can't tell you how happy I am to report: PROJECT FINISHED!!!  I ordered a boatload of aircraft from Thomaston last years, for WWII Pacific, WWII Battle of Britain, and various moderns (from the Korean War to present).  Previously I'd completed the WWII Pacific set, and even played quite a few fights with them using the very simple "Battle of Britain" rules (

However, the WWII Battle of Britain and Modern sets had languished on the painting table... until now!  I recently had a surgery (emergency appendectomy), so while convalescing I sat down to base and paint in snatches, and this weekend I finished them up.  What now?  Well, first up is probably going to be heading to Cuba Libre for some modern air fighting over South Leon (, and then it's either back to the War in the Pacific, or over to the Arab-Israeli Wars ( for some dogfighting during the Suez Crisis.  Unfortunately, Battle of Britain is just going to have to wait, due to the amount of projects I've already got going on...  But enough talk, let's see some pics!

The whole shebang, WWII Battle of Britain on top, Moderns on the bottom, 152 aircraft total.

A closer look at the Moderns, with bad guys up top and good guys at center and bottom.

Some MiG-15s for Korea, Vietnam, and Arab-Israeli.

Uh-oh, who knows what these are?  Yep, kinda silly, but I couldn't help myself.  Look closely, those are "MiG-28s," from "Top Gun."  Cheesy...

Some MiG-29 Fulcrums.

Some Su-22s, destined to be shot down near the "Line of Death" in the Gulf of Sidra (a joke for those of us growing up in a certain age).

Some MiG-23s.

And some MiG-21s, great for Vietnam and Arab-Israeli.

A group of F-86 Sabres.  I don't really have any plans to do Korean War gaming, but I just couldn't help myself.  Maybe my War in the Pacific blog?  After WWII ends I continue tracking through Korea and Vietnam?  That's about 30 years from now, maybe.

Some F-16s...

And F-18s, for the Gulf War (which will be playing out soon on the Cuba Libre blog, soon being a relative term).  These are actually bomb-laden F-18 strike aircraft, with some air-to air F-18s coming up later.

Some F-4 Phantoms. Can be used for US Navy or allied fighters, maybe even as Gulf War-era USAF Wild Weasels.

An E-3 AWACs and E-2C Hawkeye.

Oh yeah, some A-10 Warthogs.

Some A-7 Corsairs (left) and A-6 Intruders (right).

Some F-15 Eagles, left as Strike Eagles (sorry for the bad lighting, they're not actually that dark), and right as traditional air superiority fighters.

Some B-57 Canberras for Vietnam strikes, will be used in Cuba Libre in South Leon.  Can also be used as RB-57s or EB-57s.

More F-4 Phantoms, painted up as USAF in Vietnam.  Will be used in Cuba Libre.

And then I just had to do it, had to work in some Arab-Israeli air gaming (it's Vicki's fault!).  Here we have some Super Mysteres for the Suez Crisis.  Astute observers will note that the far left aircraft is actually an F-86 Sabre posing as a Mystere because I broke a Mystere and didn't have a replacement...

One of my favorites, the Mirage, perfect for some Six-Day War dogfighting.

Those F-18 fighters I mentioned.

And here is maybe my favorite, the venerable F-14 Tomcat.

Just had to do the VF-84 "Jolly Rogers," too cool.

A closeup of those F-86 Sabres; sometimes I just feel like showing off.  I can't claim they're objectively beautiful, but I'm pretty proud of my handiwork on these tiny little airplanes.  They are actually fun to paint.

And on to the Battle of Britain!

First up is a section of Me-109s, in red.

Then the other section, in yellow.

The first section of Bf-110s.

And the others.

A three-plane section of Do-17s.  If you're wondering about the numbers of aircraft (per type), it's down to the rules I'm using, where the attacker gets (up to) four fighters to escort (up to) six bombers, and the defender gets (up to) six fighters to intercept them.  The 'up to' part is in there because casualties/losses carry over from game to game.

Which is part of the really cool campaign for Battle of Britain.  You play the war one week at a time, with one fight per day, casualties racking up and carrying over from fight to fight.  Then, when you start a new week, everyone gets replacements, and carry it out again.  So, the British will start each week with 9 Hurricanes and 9 Spitfires, while the Germans will start with 8 Me-109s, 4 Bf-110s, 6 He-111s, 6 Ju-88s, 3 Do-17s, and 3 Ju-87s.  While aircraft are somewhat generic, each of the named models has slightly different characteristics.

A flight of dreaded Stukas!

All six Ju-88s.

And all six He-111s, hopefully destined to end up at the bottom of the Channel!

And on to The Few: here are the six Hurricanes.

And the six Spitfires.

Sometimes I get a bit carried away ;)  First, I wish I'd have done something other than just the nose spinners to differentiate Spits from Hurricanes.  Second, it's a bit too busy on such small aircraft.  And lastly, I really did get carried away: that roundel behind the cockpit is yellow then blue then white then red.

And just to give you an idea of the size of these things: at left is an HR 1/300 Typhoon.  At bottom center is a Picoarmor 1/600 Typhoon.  At far right is the 'Tiny Air Combat' Spitfire you just saw in the previous picture.

Thanks for looking, and stand by for some gaming (probably during the Independence Day holiday).


Monday, June 24, 2019

Jack's Super Sale!!!


*Please communicate via email, it makes it so much easier to track: bigjackmac (at) Hotmail (dot) com
*I'd prefer payment via Paypal, and my account uses the email address above.
*Please DO NOT pay me without reaching out to me via email first, so that we can discuss postage and any other issues.

*Prices DO NOT include postage.  I will ship anywhere in the world, at cost.  For the US, everything except the board games will go USPS in flat rate boxes (Small=$7.50, Medium=$12.80, and Large=$17.60); for boardgames, they're heavy and big, so my only real choice is to wrap the box it comes in and ship it by size and weight.  I will do my best to estimate what shipping is going to be.  *If purchasing more than one set I will do everything I can to combine shipment and thus save you money ;)

1.  10mm Pendraken Cold War Set - $80 -SOLD
2.  10mm Pendraken Late WWII (German/US) Set - $100 -SOLDJack 
3.  Boardgame: FOW Firestorm Market Garden - $20
4.  10mm Pendraken Chain of Command (US/Brit/German) Set - $25 -SOLD
5.  10mm Pendraken Vietnam Skirmish Set - $20 -SOLD
6.  10mm Pendraken Winter WWII (US/German/Soviet) Set - $20 -SOLD
7.  10mm Pendraken WWI (US/German) Set - $15 -SOLD
8.  10mm Pendraken WWII Italy (Brit-Canadian/German) Set - $20 -SOLD
9.  10mm Pendraken Napoleonic Skirmish Set - $15 -SOLD
10.  Boardgame: Memoir '44 - $15 -SOLD
11.  Boardgame: Eisenbach Gap Deluxe + World at War Compendium - $15 -SOLD
12.  Boardgame: Boots on the Ground - $10 -SOLD
13.  Boardgame: Tank on Tank East Front - $15 -SOLD
14.  6mm WWII GHQ What a Tanker Set - $25 -SOLD
15.  3mm WWII/Modern Picoarmor Set - $20 -SOLD
16.  10mm GHQ/Pendraken American Civil War Set - $10 -SOLD
17.  15mm Modern Rebel Minis Blackhawk Down Set - $25 -SOLD
18.  15mm Cold War Battlefront East German Platoon - $10 -SOLD
19.  15mm Modern Flytrap Factory Royal Marine Set - $20 -SOLD
20.  15mm Rebel Minis/Peter Pig Modern Commando Set - $10 -SOLD
21.  15mm WWII Battlefront US Airborne Platoon - $10 -SOLD
22.  15mm WWII Battlefront/Peter Pig Desert Set - $10 -SOLD
23.  15mm WWII Battlefront British Late War Platoon - $10 -SOLD
24.  15mm WWII Eureka Early USMC Platoon - $10 -SOLD
25.  10mm Old Glory Napoleonics (French/Austrian) Set - $150 -SOLD
26.  15mm WWII Plastic Soldier Company (Brit/German) Normandy Set - $80 -SOLD
27.  1/600 Vietnam PicoArmor/Fight's On! Set - $25 -SOLD
28.  Boardgame: Battlecry - $40
29.  Fur 6' x 4' wargaming mats - 1 for $50 or both for $90 -SOLD
30.  10mm LPA Waterloo Set - $110
31.  Rules: Final Combat by Britton Publishers - $10
32.  Rules: Combat Patrol, with cards, by Buck Surdu - $15 -SOLD

1.  10mm Pendraken Cold War (US/Soviet) Set - $80
Each side consists of a company of ten tanks (M-60s and T-62s), a company of mechanized infantry with ten APCs (M-113s and BTR-50s) and dismounted infantry, supporting platoons (recon, anti-tank, and mortars), an AA piece, and command, ready to play straight out of the box!

For more pics, check here:

The set also comes with air support: two F-100 Super Sabres and two Su-17s.  Decals are included, BUT ONE OF THE F-100s IS MISSING A CANOPY.

2.  10mm Pendraken Late WWII (German/US) Set - $100
This is about 95% Pendraken, with a few Minifigs figures/vehicles mixed in.  This set is a reinforced company of infantry for late war Germans and Americans, with supporting armor, recon, anti-tank guns, halftracks, and heavy weapons, ready to play straight out of the box!

A look at the Germans.  A lot of the armor (Tigers, Panthers, Jagdpanthers, Jagdpanzers, Pz Mk IVs) are Takara pre-paints, as are the PaK-40 ATGs.

The US force.  The Shermans (four 75s and two 76s) are Takara pre-paints, as are the 57mm ATGs.

To see them in action, check here:

For closeups, check here:


3.  Boardgame: FOW Firestorm Market Garden - $20
The box is a bit worn, but everything is there.  Never used, unfortunately.

4.  10mm Pendraken Chain of Command (US/Brit/German) Set - $25
Three individually-based infantry platoons in 10mm from Pendraken.  Platoons are late war German FJ, US Airborne, and British infantry.

The German platoon.

The US Airborne platoon (with green bases).

The British platoon (top).
You can see pics of these guys in action here:




5.  10mm Pendraken Vietnam Skirmish Set - $20
A squad of Pendraken GIs, a team of Pendraken LRRPs (troops in boonie covers with their faces painted), a squad of Viet Cong, some civilians, porters, and water buffalo, and some primed Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.

The GIs.

The LRRPs.

Viet Cong in the center, Porters and civvies below them.

Civvies and water buffalo.

Primed but unfinished Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.  You can see these guys in action here:

6.  10mm Pendraken Winter WWII (US/German/Soviet) Set - $20
This is a completely unfinished set.  There are three Pendraken winter WWII forces here: the US and German forces are mounted on sticks and primed, the Soviets and some German vehicles are still in bags.  There's enough here for each force to have a company of infantry (nine stands of four figures each) plus machine guns, mortars, anti-tank guns, and command.

The bags of troops, showing the Soviets.  For some reason I had pulled their mortars out and mounted/primed them.

German vehicles: Marder III, Pz IVG, Sdkfz 232, Sdkfz 222, 88mm ATG, and Sdkfz 250.

7.  10mm Pendraken WWI (US/German) Set - $15
A German and US company reinforced with machine guns, ready to play straight out of the box!

The Germans, with 6 rifle stands, 3 LMG stands, 3 HMG stands, and a command stand.

The Yanks, with nine rifle stands (Chauchats are spread throughout), three MG stands, and a command stand.  For more pics, check here (in the middle of the post):

8.  10mm Pendraken WWII Italy (Brit-Canadian/German) Set - $20
A German FJ company and a British or Canadian company ready to play, straight out of the box!  Each side has four platoons of infantry with platoon leaders, an ATG, a mortar, two MGs, a stand of engineers, and a company commander.

The Germans.

The Brits/Canadians.  To see more pics, check here:

To see them in action, check here:

9.  10mm Pendraken Napoleonic Skirmish Set - $15
These are British and French forces to play skirmish games with, such as Song of Drums and Shakos, or perhaps Chosen Men.  Each side has infantry, seven Dragoons, an officer, and an artillery piece.  There is an unfinished carriage and an unfinished set of civilians, and the infantry forces are actually not finished: each force needs a flag for its standard bearer, and I didn't finish the drum for either side.

The Brits.

The French.  You can see more pics here:

10.  Boardgame: Memoir '44 - $15
The box is in good shape, as are the components, EXCEPT: a painted the tanks.  They look decent, except a couple of the German tanks, which I tried some funky camouflage on...  It might be missing a few of the ATGs and sandbags, I'm not sure.  But hey, it's only $15.

11.  Boardgame: Eisenbach Gap Deluxe + World at War Compendium - $15
Everything is there, it's unpunched.  I don't really 'do' boardgames, my intent was to convert it to minis, but it proved to be too much for me.

The World at War compendium (design notes, articles by enthusiasts, scenarios) is included as well.

12.  Boardgame: Boots on the Ground - $10
A pretty cool little skirmish game that I wanted to convert to miniatures but never did.  Everything is there, never played.

13.  Tank on Tank East Front - $15
A pretty cool WWII tank game that I wanted to convert to miniatures but never did.  Everything is there, never played.

14.  6mm WWII GHQ What a Tanker Set - $25
This set has the rules, the token set, a few 'dashboards' I printed out, and then forces for late-war in NW Europe and early war on the Eastern Front.

Late War NQ Europe has Shermans, Wolverines, Panthers, Pz IVs, Stugs, Marder IIIs, and a single, solitary Tiger.

The early war set has Pz IIIs, Sdkfz 251s, infantry for Germans and Russians, then...

Soviet trucks, KV-1s, T-34s, BT-series tanks, T-26s, T-60s, and BA-10 armored cars.  Check here to see them in action:


And closeups here (halfway down):


15.  3mm WWII/Modern Picoarmor Set - $20
This is, quite simply, a big mess of beautiful 3mm stuff that I'm bundling up and selling cheap.    At left is a bunch of ultramodern stuff, at center is the stuff I used for my (now-defunct) Hakuna-Matata Wars project, at right is some stuff for a Brits vs Germans in Normandy projects, and at top center is some reinforcements for all of the above.  The ultramodern stuff is 85% complete, while the Hakuna-Matata Wars and Normandy stuff is complete.

Ultramodern stuff.


Hakuna-Matata Wars.


One more.

The Normandy stuff.

Various British and German vehicles and infantry.  For pics, check here:


To see some action, check here:

16.  10mm GHQ/Pendraken American Civil War Set - $10
This is really a mess, which is why it's so cheap.  I spent some dough (a lot to me, but I'm a cheapskate) on GHQ ACW, based them up, played a game, then decided I didn't like how they were based up.  Realized I needed more, but just command and artillery, so I ordered from Pendraken (which is not a happy fit with GHQ), re-based them, and still didn't like them.  I then set about re-basing them again, before realizing I didn't have enough of the bases to finish the project, so these things have literally sat around for about eight years without being touched, and they need to go.

Union troops, the way I wanted to base them.


Confederates, based the old way.

Close up  The 'new' basing meant that I didn't need the oversized Pendraken command troops anymore (seen at left, GHQ command seen at right).  But even GHQ command sucks (in my opinion), because you have to paint the damn flags!

I've got some bases (they're steel with magnets), but not enough.  You're welcome to them.

17.  15mm Modern Rebel Minis Blackhawk Down Set - $25
This is a big old 15mm, skirmish-based set that's got all you need to play out some Blackhawk Down in the Mog.  Troops are about half Rebel Minis, with some old QRF and a few Peter Pig thrown in.

13 Rebel Minis Delta.  More pics here:

Four Peter Pig LRRPs.  Pics here:

27 'old' QRF US Infantry to use as the Rangers.   I really love these troops, super chunky, only frustrated by my inability to get more of them.  Pics:


18.  15mm Cold War Battlefront East German Platoon - $10
I picked up this Battlefront set to use them as Cubans in various climes.  There are 10 desert troops and 12 temperate.  Pics here:

19.  15mm Modern Flytrap Factory Royal Marine Set - $20
This is a set of Royal Marines from Flytrap Factory.  Really beautiful figures, love'em, just can't see myself ever getting back to them (despite how much fun my initial campaign, "Royals in Parwan," was).  16 of the 'old' Royal Marines, 16 of the 'new' Marines, and six of the new RMs painted for the snow but not finished.

The old RMs, pics here:

In action:

New ones;


And the unfinished.  I'd be okay if this set doesn't sell ;)

20.  15mm Rebel Minis/Peter Pig Modern Commando Set - $10
This is a group of 8 Peter Pig LRRps, 4 Rebel Minis SF, 4 Rebel Minis PMCs, and 15 Rebel Minis SWAT painted up for Special Operations.

The eight Peter Pig troops, pics here (halfway down):

Rebel Minis PMCs.

Rebel Minis Special Forces.

The Rebel Minis SWAT shooters.  Pics here (halfway down):

21.  15mm WWII Battlefront Platoon - $10
This is a Battlefront WWII US Airborne Platoon I picked up a few years ago.  I painted around half and played a couple games, but never finished (or needed) the entire platoon.  The guys on pennies are finished, the guys on sticks have their uniforms and helmets painted, but that's about it.  THIS PLATOON IS MISSING THE 60MM MORTAR.

This is the group I used for my "Sgt Rock" fight (supposed to be a whole campaign, only played a couple).  Pics here:

22.  15mm WWII Battlefront/Peter Pig Desert Set - $10
This WWII desert force is comprised of 16 Peter Pig 8th Army troops, 16 Peter Pig French Resistance troops and one Eureka machine gunner (a Chechen, at that!), and 23 Battlefront Australians with a two-man MG team from Eureka.

The Aussies and Eureka MG team, pics here:

Peter Pig 8th Army, pics here:

Peter Pig French Resistance, pics in the same link as the 8th Army.  Pics in action:

23.  15mm WWII Battlefront British Late War Platoon - $10
This is a Battlefront WWII British late-war platoon for NW Europe, 43 bodies.

As you can see here, there are some British/Indian infantry aces thrown in there as well.  Pics:

In action:

24.  15mm WWII Eureka Early USMC Platoon - $10
Here is an early WWII US Marine platoon from Eureka.  I used them for my fake campaigns in the Philippines and Dutch East Indies; had a blast, but not much use for them now.  Thirty three men, only one problem (a chipped helmet, seen in the second row from the bottom, fifth Marine from the left).  There are crewmen for an ATG, field gun, pack howitzer, mortar, etc..., but none of those weapons are included.

Closeup.  More pics here:

In action:

25.  10mm Old Glory Napoleonics (French/Austrian) Set - $150
This is simply a case of a project too far, too much with too little time.  Several years ago I bought several hundred dollars worth of 10mm Napoleonics from Old Glory (Connie and Russ are fantastic, by the way).  Then I realized two things: 1) it was way too much; and 2) I wasn't as partial to the Austrians as I thought.  Why the hell did I buy Austrians???  In any case, at left is what I've actually completed in about five years (6 line infantry battalions, 3 light infantry battalions, two cavalry regiments, and two artillery batteries with limbers, each).  That may sound like a lot, but as any Grognard will tell you, that's not even a drop in the bucket to play even a mid-sized battle.  At top right is a bunch of Austrian and French infantry that is lined up (enough to make 13 more line infantry battalions, each), and some odds and ends arty and cav.  At bottom center and bottom right are Austrian and French arty and cav that has been mounted and primed black: Austrians have 2 Lancer regiments, 2 Hussar regiments, 2 Cuirassier regiments, and two more arty batteries with limbers, while the French have 2 Hussar regiments, 3 Dragoon regiments, 2 Cuirassier regiments, and two arty batteries with limbers.

So, once completed, each side will have 19 line inf battalions, 3 light inf battalions, 8 cavalry regiments (French actually have 9), and four foot artillery batteries with limbers.

I had bought some command and mounted and primed it, but I have no idea where it's disappeared to...

Completed infantry and limbers for each side.

Now showing the completed arty batteries and light infantry.

Light infantry and cavalry.

Closeup of French cav, Hussars and Line Lancers.

Austrian cav, Hussars and Cuirassiers.

French primed cav and arty.

Austrian primed cav and arty.

The box of ready infantry (bare metal), odds and ends of cav and arty, and whoa! even a pack of British line infantry I had ordered as a tester.  Pics below.





26.  15mm WWII Plastic Soldier Company (Brit/German) Normandy Set - $80
It is said that doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity; in my case I might call it the definition of idiocy.  I don't know and can't explain what it is about 15mm WWII that keeps drawing me in, but this is the third time I have bought several hundred dollars worth of 15mm WWII stuff and gotten rid of it.  The first time was Old Glory Command Decision; took about a year, but I completed US and German late war forces and played a few games of Crossfire before deciding I liked 10mm better.  A couple years later I bought Plastic Soldier Company late war US and Germans; I built and primed the vehicles for both sides but never finished any, and assembled the infantry and painted them, but didn't even base them before realizing I didn't like them and gave them to a friend.  A few years later I bought another bundle from Plastic Soldier Company, this time late-war Brits and Germans.  Then I figured out I'd rather do Normandy in 6mm, so I'm selling them off again....

So, what do we have?  Each side has a company of infantry plus heavy weapons, anti-tank guns, command, and two tanks.  I've completely painted all the German infantry, though it's not all based (just the first company is complete), while the rest of the British infantry is still in the box.  While each side has two completed tanks, the Germans have three primed Panthers and five primed Sdkfz 251 halftracks, while the Brits have three primed Shermans.  Also left over from the Old Glory days are three primed Stug IIIs (though one's barrel is perilously close to breaking), a primed PaK-40, and a primed M-10 Wolverine.  Additionally, the British have two ATGs and all their prime movers still in the box, while the Germans have prime movers still in the box.  Bases are provided as well.

The completed Brit force: company of infantry, machine guns and mortars, two ATGs, two tanks (one Firefly and one Sherman), and command.

The Germans have the same, except four ATGs vice two, and the rest of their infantry is painted but on sticks.

The primed vehicles and gun.

The rest of the British infantry, the other two British ATGs, both sides' prime movers, and the bases.  Pics here:

27.  1/600 Vietnam PicoArmor/Fight's On! Set - $25
Here's a set of aircraft for the Vietnam War, plus some F-86 Sabres.  Some is completed and has been played with, but most is in various states of being painted.  Also included are a bunch of markers from Fight's On!, and some Legos for simple, cheap, but effective flight stands.  I really enjoyed 3mm air, but I fell in love with these teensy-tinsy airplanes from my buddy Thomaston and have re-done everything in those, and sold/am selling off all my 3mm aircraft.  Contents:
12 F-4 Phantoms (8 OO, 4 TD)
13 A-4 Skyhawks (7 OO, 6 TD)
9 F-8 Crusaders (6 OO, 3 TD)
10 A-7 Corsairs (6 OO, 4 TD)
8 A-6 Intruders (4 OO, 4TD)
4 A-1 Skyraiders (all TD)
4 H-3 helicopters (all TD)
1 E-1 Tracer (TD)
2 RA-3D Skywarrior/EB-66 Destroyer (both TD)
2 RA-5 Vigilante (both TD)
3 F-105 Thunderchiefs (all TD)
4 MiG-21 Fishbeds (all TD)
2 MiG-19 Farmer (both TD)
2 MiG-17 Fresco (all OO)
6 MiG-15 Fagot (all OO)
And, just for fun, 8 F-86 Sabers (OO, didn't know where else to put them)
*82 Vietnam aircraft and 8 Sabers
 An Sa-2 battery from Picoarmor consisting of a radar and 6 launchers
Various missiles and markers from "Fight's On!"
Various Legos to use for flight stands (DOES NOT INCLUDE MAGNETS)

Da planes.

The SAM battery, pretty cool.

The always popular Fight's On! stuff, with their world famous missiles, smoke, fire, chaff, and ejected pilot.

And Legos for flight stands.  Pics here, in action:

28.  Boardgame: Battlecry - $40
This is the complete boardgame, everything is there.  The only modification is that...

I painted all the minis.

The Union troops.

And the losers, I mean, Confederates.

29.  Fur 6' x 4' wargaming mats - 1 for $50 or both for $90
Two 6' x 4' fuzzy teddy bear mats, as seen here:
(though this is only one mat, not both)

Showing the road, the nap, and how it lays.  Perfect for getting hills under it.  If you're wondering why I'm (trying to) getting rid of them, it's because the nap is impossible for 6mm, way too long for 10mm, and pushing it for 15mm.  If you're picking these up, I'd recommend for 15mm only if you're playing jungle, or for 20mm troops and larger.

If you buy both, I'll throw these rivers in.  They're not beautiful, but they're cool.

30.  10mm LPA Waterloo Set - $110
Another one I'd be okay with if they don't sell.  These are two armies I purchased from "Gunner," who ran the now-defunct "La Petite Armee" company.  He took the little plastic Risk pieces and turned them into Napoleonic armies of all sorts, even molding some of his own so we could have Scots Greys, Highlanders, the Old Guard, Cuirassiers and Dragoons, Royal Horse Artillery, etc...  He even painted them, and I bought a boatload.  Through the years I've played a lot of games with these guys, and have re-based them about half a dozen times as I tried different rules with them.  They're based twelve men to an infantry stand, three to a cavalry stand, and two guns and a figure (either foot or horse) for artillery.  They're perfect for games like Blucher, Volley and Bayonet, Snappy Nappy, Grand Armee, and Polemos, where each stand is a brigade.

21 infantry (including line, light, Young, Middle, and Old Guard)
13 cavalry (including Chasseurs, Hussars, Dragoons, Cuirassiers, Polish Lancers, Grenadier a Cheval)
5 arty (two Horse and three Foot)
Various Command

British and Dutch:
18 infantry (including Dutch, Guard, and Highlanders)
7 Cavalry (including Hussars, Light Dragoons, Dragoons, Blues, Scots Greys)
4 Arty (two Horse and two Foot)

Lots of extras to make more cavalry, artillery, and command.

The French.

Again, seeing some Cuirassiers and Chasseurs.

Can see Grenadiers a Cheval at center.

Polish Lancers at center, more Gren a Cheval behind them, and Dragoons.

The Old Guard at left, Middle Guard at right.

The Brits and Dutch.

Brit and Dutch line infantry, Scots Greys and the Blues.

Highlanders at top center/left, Dragoons below them, Hussars (in Busby) at bottom left.

Royal Horse Artillery.

More British line infantry, and command.

Foot artillery and Wellington (on white horse).


In action:

31.  Rules: Final Combat by Britton Publishers - $10
A fun, if very in depth, set of rules from my friend Ben Lacey.  I'm selling these as I have them in PDF.  I use them more often for Modern than WWII.  Very good activation system for showing differences in troop capability.  Some modern examples:

32.  Rules: Combat Patrol, with cards, by Buck Surdu - $15
A fun skirmish game from Buck Surdu, with card activation and card-based combat and morale.  A nifty idea, and fun, but a bit more in depth than what I'm looking for; as many of you already know, I'm quite simple ;)  In any case, it gives a fun game and I had a good time with them.  Some batreps here:

And here's what it all looks like, getting ready to leave:

Well, that's it for now.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.