Monday, April 6, 2020

KG Klink Mini-Campaign in Greece, Map Moves for Turn 4


Here are the map moves for Turn 4.  Here's what we had in Turn 3:
-2nd Recce fought the NZ 27th MG Bn for control of the D3 bridge and beat them forcing them to fall back to D4.

-RE/NZ Cavalry: Team up with Brit Rangers/9KRRC to attack 1st Schutzen's bridgehead at B3.
-Brit Rangers/9KRRC: Team up with RE/NZ Cavalry to attack 1st Schutzen's bridgehead at B3.
-27th NZ MG Bn: Fall back west (C4 from D4), attempting to straighten the line.
-21st NZ Inf Bn: Holds fast at A5.
-Aus 2/8 Inf: Reverses its last movement and returns north (D4 from D5). 
-Lee Force/Aus 2/7 Inf: Attempts to support Aus 2/8 Inf by covering their flank but, in doing so, uncovers the right flank of the entire Allied defensive line (E5 from F5), allowing German mechanized forces on its flank.
-4th Hussars, 3RTR: Fails to realize the threat to the right flank, holds firm (D7).
-Wellington Co, 19th NZ Inf Bn: Remembers its limitations (extraordinarily weak and immobile) and its job (protect Servia), it moves back (E8, from E7).

1st Schutzen: Defend its bridgehead at B3 against RE/NZ Cav and Brit Rangers/9KRRC.
2nd Schutzen: Hold at C2, in reserve, able to support the east or west routes, with a heavy eye towards 1st Schutzen's bridgehead.
1st Recce: Hold at E4 to control the gap between 2nd Recce and the Panzer battlegroups, pending the result of 2nd Recce's fight.
2nd Recce: Advance to D4 and engage the Australian 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment. 
Panzer: Advance to F5 from F3 to box in Lee Force/Aus 2/7 and/or move past to unhinge the entire defensive line.

Two scheduled fights, and I'm really curious to see if I can pull off combining two battlegroups for a single battle.  


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