Sunday, November 29, 2015

Task Force Trojas Roster for Cronistria

Here is the roster for Detachment Task Force Rojas, AKA ODA 626/10th Special Forces Group, deploying to Cronistria in May 1990.

Commander, Lt Trojas, who is decorated with the Cruz Servicio Distinguido and the War of Liberation Campaign Medal.

In country, TF Rojas consists of twenty Det A personnel, charged with carrying out the Unconventional Warfare/Direct Action Mission, and twenty Det B personnel, charged with the Foreign Internal Defense mission (to train the Cronistrian Democratic Militia).  Only the Det A personnel will be tracked.  There are also TF Trojas personnel in a cover forward location in Italy, and rear echelon at their base in Guantanamo.

Team 6-1
Lt "Mikey" Trojas (Capt Price fig)
SSgt "Hammer" Alfaro (Ballcap fig)
Sgt "Rolly" Balzan (G36 fig)
Sgt "Slate" Delacruz (Halt fig)
Sgt "Badger" Canales (Skullcap fig)

Team 6-2
MSgt "Tico" Benitez (Tactical moving)
SSgt "Bear" Duarte (Kneeling bush)
Sgt "Blue" Beltran (Sitting back bush)
Sgt "Hammer" Escalona (Kneeling G36)
Sgt "Skate" Corrello (Firing up)

Team 6-3
GySgt "Turk" (Firing 416)
SSgt "Rock" Betancourt (SAW)
Sgt "Willow" Caballo (SCAR)
Sgt "Panda" Catalan (Moving M-4)
Sgt "Bolt" Echevarria (DMR green))

Team 6-4
SFC "Rooey" Contreras (Cross body carry)
SSgt "Blade" Escalante (Sighting in)
Sgt "Shady" Fonseca (Alert carry)
Sgt "Redrum" Bello (Ready carry)
Sgt "Goss" Gallegos (DMR tan)

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