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Cuban Liberation Expeditionary Force


Here is a look at the CLEF, or Cuban Liberation Expeditionary Force.  The Cuban Liberation Army was disbanded, and the newly formed Free Cuban Military has been split into the National Defense Force and the CLEF, with the CLEF being led by former officers of the CLA who wished to continue their fight against evil in the world.  The CLEF has been organized into an Armored Brigade, a Parachute Brigade, a Marine Brigade, an Intelligence Collection element, and a Special Operations Element.  Though not listed here, there are also rotary and fixed wing assets attached to the CLEF.

Minister of Defense: Generalissimo Cledado Estavante (MOH, SS/V, PH, War of Liberation Campaign Medal (WLC))

Cuban Liberation Expeditionary Force
CLEF Commanding General: Major General Ricardo Colvasquez (DSC, BS/V, WLC)

Expeditionary Intelligence Unit: Brigadier Donalo Quilveras (WLC)

1.  Section 10: Controlled Collections - Captain Miranda

2.  Section 20: Paramilitary - Major Bosanova (BS/V, PH, WLC)

3.  Section 30: Information Operations - Lieutenant Dostaves

4.  Section 40: Open Source Collections - Captain Pilar-soto (WLC)

5.  Section 50: Counterintelligence - Major Rolando (WLC)

The Armored Brigade - Brigadier Bartolo Lucastro (BS/V, PH, WLC)

1.  1st Tank Battalion - Major Solar (SS/V, PH, WLC)

 a.  1st Heavy Dragoons - Captain Basilone (WLC)

 b.  2nd Cavalry - Lieutenant Barrientes (WLC)
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 c.  3rd Horse Guards - Capt Cruze (PH, WLC)

2.  2nd Tank Battalion - Colonel Malusio Galban (WLC)

 a.  4th Cuirassiers - Captain Fordesante (2 x PH, WLC)

 b.  5th Tank Guards - Lieutenant Aguilera (WLC)

 c.  6th Guards Armored - Captain Torrencio (WLC)

3.  3rd Mechanized Battalion - Major Chavez (SS/V, PH, WLC)

 a.  7th Hussars - Lieutenant Caballero (SS/V, PH. WLC)
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 b.  8th Guards Motor Rifles - Lieutenant Madre-Animral (BS/V, WLC)

 c.  8th Dragoons - Captain Muertosa (WLC)

4.  4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion - Major Afflexio (DSC, PH, WLC)

 a.  10th Dragoon Guards - Captain Muniz (WLC)

 b.  11th Light Armored Infantry - Lieutenant Segovia (BS/V, WLC)

 c.  12th Lancers - Captain Elias (WLC)

The Airborne Regiment - Brigadier Salvino Carreno, (BS/V, PH, WLC)

1.  5th Parachute Battalion - Major Cuervesco (MOH, WLC)

 a.  13th Airborne Light Infantry - Lieutenant Guillardo (DSC, WLC)

 b.  14th Parachute Rifles - Lieutenant Soares (SS/V, WLC)

 c.  15th Airborne Grenadiers - Captain Welasquez (WLC)

2.  6th Parachute Battalion - Major Halabrio (SS/V, WLC)

 a.  16th Parachute Infantry - Lieutenant Espinale (BS/V, PH, WLC)

 b.  17th Airborne Rangers - Lieutenant Pena (BS/V, PH, WLC)

 c.  18th Grenadier Guards - Lieutenant Huerta (WLC)

The Marine Regiment - Brigadier Eugenio Habanera (BS/V, WLC)

1.  7th Commando Battalion - Major Spirovales (SS/V, WLC)

 a.  19th Marines of the Guard - Captain Trevino (MOH, WLC)

 b.  20th Naval Infantry - Captain Proviso (BS/V, PH, WLC)

 c.  21st Windward Rifles - Lieutenant Aponte (WLC)

2.  8th Commando Battalion - Major Fulgencio (DSC, PH, WLC)

 a.  22nd Marines - Major Bronchovio (BS/V, WLC)

 b.  23rd Amphibious Grenadiers - Captain Benavides (WLC)

 c.  24th Seaborne Shock Infantry - Lieutenant Ordonez (WLC)
Nick Chinlund photo from Tears of the Sun

Special Operations Command - Brigadier Hector Huistrella (DSC, BS/V, PH, WLC)
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1.  9th Special Forces Group - Colonel Willem Elias (BS/V, WLC)

 a.  ODA 111 - Captain Banos (WLC)

 b.  ODA 212 - Lieutenant Villagrosa (SS/V, WLC)

 c.  ODA 313 - Lieutenant Gouveia (SS/V, PH, WLC)

2.  10th Special Forces Group - Major Talamantes (BS/V, WLC)

 a.  ODA 424 - Captain Wallestre (PH, WLC)

 b.  ODA 525 - Lieutenant Estevez (BS/V, WLC)

 c.  ODA 626 - Lieutenant Trojas (DSC, WLC)

3.  Operational Detachment Phoenix - Major Kalabera (SS/V, PH, WLC)

 a.  A Squadron - Major Villanueva (BS/V, PH, WLC)

 b.  B Squadron - Captain Stelosavo (WLC)

 c.  C Squadron - Lieutenant Deppinosa (WLC)

Off the active rolls:
7th Infantry Battalion, Commanding Officer: Colonel Tomas Barnejesus (PH, WLC) - National Guard
9th Popular Force Battalion, Commanding Officer: Binyamin Bustamante (DSC, PH, WLC) - Retired  
Acting Commanding Officer, 1st Airborne Infantry Battalion: Captain Olejandro (WLC) - National Guard
Commander, F Co, 2nd AB Inf Bn: Captain Guerrero (WLC) - Retired
Commander, E Co, 4th Inf Bn: Captain Cannastria (WLC) - National Guard
Commander, G Co, 7th Inf Bn: Captain Cubio (WLC) - National Guard
Commander, L Co, 10th Bn: Captain Reynaldo (WLC) - Retired

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