Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pendraken Cold War Order is Complete!


I've been pushing as hard as I can on this, and my Cold War "Wolverines" project is complete.  Well, almost.  The 10mm Pendraken lead portion of this project, which comprises about 97.5% of the total, is now complete, with but a couple more items begging for attention.  Yesterday I showed you I had completed the infantry, and I worked quite a bit last night and today to get the vehicles knocked out.  I am happy to report, they are ready for the table!  Here are a few pics; these are just teaser pics, documenting my project status.  Soon I will post a bunch more pics, nice close-ups, like I normally do, just need to carve out a little time, and a little sun wouldn't hurt, too.  I should be able to totally complete this project in time to start the war next weekend, so stay tuned!

And here it is, the whole mess, for the last time: the completed metal portion of the Wolverines project, totally finished and ready to hit the table!  Far left is US vehicles, center is Soviet vehicles, top right is US infantry, and far right is Soviet infantry.

A closer look at the vehicles, US at left, Soviets at right.  Each side has a tank company, a mechanized infantry company, a recon platoon, a mortar platoon, a tank destroyer platoon, an AA gun, and a battalion commander.

So I painted a bunch of up all the details (tracks, numbers, insignia, MG barrels, crew figures) and put a wash on them, took about eight hours to do my sixty-three vehicles. 

Here's a closer look at the US vehicles; if you're wondering where my colored numbers schemes came from...

I patterned them off of photos I found online.

And here are the Soviets.  The three trucks at center bottom are for the AA gun and the heavy mortar platoon, respectively, both of which are sitting in the infantry box.

 A closer look at the Soviets, red flags waving.

And you're still wondering what I still have left to do to complete my Wolverines project...

Here is it.  I bought some pre-built F-100s, just need to put decals on them, and then I picked up a couple Su-22s that I have to put together and paint.  Yeah, Su-22s aren't correct for early/mid-60s, but I couldn't find any 1/144 scale Su-7s, so these will just have to do.

That's all for now.  I'll get close ups of all the gear posted ASAP, and I have a few modern skirmish fights to post over on my Cuba Libre blog.



  1. The re-paint on the armour has been very worthwhile. Nice job.

  2. Blimey, you've powered through that lot!

    Very nice, good stuff and amazingly quick :)


  3. Great work on the vehicles, they look the business. Cheers, Andy

  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate it! Now it's time for a break from painting, maybe get some games in ;)


    1. I am impressed and envious of both your painting speed and gaming potential!

      I can usually manage one or the other, if I'm lucky :D

      Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo WOLVERINES!

  5. Wow! They look really great Jack. It's been a long while checking out anything war-game related and I thought I'd drop by and Wow! These are really impressive. Great detail. Nice to see you're going as strong as ever. All the best mate