Tuesday, January 23, 2018

10mm Cold War Vehicles, Take 2


Well, fresh off my Blue-Tack experiment, I've decided to go monochrome for the vehicles in my Wolverines project, Soviets going medium green and Americans olive drab.  I was able to pop out to the garage after work and get them spray coated, here are some pics.

The whole mess, Soviets at top left, Yanks at bottom right, each side consisting of a tank company, a mechanized company, a recon platoon, a mortar platoon, a tank destroyer platoon, an AA gun, and a Battalion commander.

A look at the American force, M-60s, M-113s, Jeeps, and an M-42 Duster.

A closeup of the head of the tank column, with Company Commander at far left and a Platoon Commander at center.

Same thing for the Mech column.

Heavy mortar platoon at left, recon platoon at center, and tank destroyer platoon at right.

The Duster at bottom center and the Battalion Commander at top left.

The Soviet horde, with T-62s, BTR-50s, ISU-152s, BTR-152s, and trucks for the heavy mortars and the AA gun.

The head of the tank column, Company Commander at far right, a Platoon Commander at center.

Same thing for the mechanized column.

Tank Destroyer Platoon at left, Recon Platoon at center, and the trucks for the AA gun and heavy mortars (both of which are on the painting table with the infantry right now) at right.

The Soviet Battalion Commander.

That's all for now, need to get to work on the grunts.



  1. Keep at it my friend

    Take care


  2. So far so good. Looking forward to the infantry.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks Andy, working on them this evening. The US troops are painted, the Soviets almost done, then have to wash both and flock both.