Wednesday, January 17, 2018

And Their Soviet Counterparts


Tonight I slapped together all the Soviet vehicles from my Pendraken Cold War project.  Here are some pics.  I'm hoping to get the infantry taken care of Thursday.  Then I need some warm weather (it's @#$%ing 13 degrees here in Texas right now, ridiculous!!!) so I can get them spray primed.  I apologize, it's tough to see detail in the photos since these are bare metal, but I wanted to share.

The whole mess: a tank company, a mechanized infantry company, a recon platoon, a heavy mortar platoon, a tank destroyer platoon, and a HQ element of a couple trucks and a towed AA gun.

A closeup of the T-62s, a platoon at left with platoon commander, and company commander at right.

A look at the BTR-50s.  I had enough AA MGs to put on the 'regular' BTRs, then added vehicle commanders to denote the company commander and platoon commanders.

The HQ element: the command truck at bottom right, then the towed AA gun and it's truck at bottom center/left (the AA gun is Argentinian).

And here we have the ISU-152s of the tank destroyer platoon (bottom left), the 120mm mortar platoon (bottom right), and the Recon Platoon (center, three BTR-152s).

Another look.

Should be able to get the infantry prepped tomorrow evening, though it just occurred to me that I may not have bases for the infantry, may need to place a quick order with Litko.  And I need some warm weather for priming!



  1. Freakin outstanding!! What rules you gonna use? An full blown invasion

    1. Yeah man, it's going to be awesome. The boy and I will continue with my modified IABSM for this campaign.