Sunday, August 23, 2015

Forces for Modern Middle East Part 4 - Rebel Minis Insurgents


Here are the Rebel Minis' Modern Insurgents, another great set.  They've got twenty figures in five different poses, all with Warsaw Pact-type weapons, heads covered with keffiyeh, and light gear.  I painted them up in a variety of different camouflage and civilian gear, with plenty of color.  I intend on using them for modern day conflicts in the Middle East and early 90's Somalia.  I'm too cheap and lazy to buy more guys like this and paint them slightly different to be unique for Somalia or Afghanistan.

The whole force of twenty men.

First pose is a rifleman with AK-47.  You can see the variety of clothing.

The next guy is a light machine gunner carrying an RPK.

Another rifleman with AK-47.

The dreaded RPG-7.

And one more rifleman, with what looks to me to be an AK-74.

I imagine I'll be getting a lot of use out of these guys, and more to come.



  1. Yeah, guys like this are generally useful in a whole bunch of scenarios.

    1. Yes Sir, they'll serve from North Africa to all over the Middle East. Good sculpts, very useful troops to have. Just need to find time to get them on the table ;)