Monday, December 3, 2018

FOR SALE: 1/600 WWII, Vietnam, and Modern Aircraft Collections


I was upstairs to make some clean space so I could, ya know, actually get some gaming in, and I noticed something: it's getting harder and harder to make a clean space.  Ya know why?  I got too much stuff!!!  So, as much as I don't want to, I need to clear some more space.  Over the past few years I racked up a decent-sized collection of 1/600 (3mm) aircraft, mostly from PicoArmor (Oddzial Ozmy), but a sizeable amount from Tumbling Dice as well.  I've got WWII Pacific, WWII Battle of Britain, Vietnam War (USN and USAF), and a cross section of 'modern' air wars.

***The aircraft are in various states.  Some are completed (primed, painted, washed, decals, magnet applied), then others go down from there, all the way to simply primed, with everything in between.  I'd guess that just a little under half of all the aircraft for sale are ready for the tabletop; if you're unsure about the status of particular aircraft, contact me via the comments here or via email.  I'm selling these fairly cheaply because they're 'as is,' I'm not looking to put more effort into painting these so I can sell them, so please keep that in mind.

I'm selling them in packages, and I'm selling as follows:

Whole Package: N/A
Vietnam: $55 ($50 + actual shipping for International)
WWII Battle of Britain: SOLD
WWII Pacific: SOLD

I can't really see myself breaking these up into smaller packages, you'd have to be offering some serious cash, AND I'd really have to like ya, and I don't like that many people ;)  In any case, I think I'm offering pretty competitive rates, pretty much less than the bare metal costs.  I'll ship anywhere; the US price includes postage, international can knock $5 off the price BUT you have to pay ACTUAL SHIPPING.

If you're interested in buying, please contact me via email at: big jack mac (at) hot mail (dot) com
-Take out all spaces, replace parentheses with "@" and "."
I very much prefer to do business via Paypal, it's quick, easy, reliable, and there's a record of the transaction, and I'll have your order in the mail within two days of payment.

The whole mess, from left to right: modern, WWII Pacific, WWII Battle of Britain, and Vietnam.

The Vietnam package:
12 F-4 Phantoms (8 OO, 4 TD)
13 A-4 Skyhawks (7 OO, 6 TD)
9 F-8 Crusaders (6 OO, 3 TD)
10 A-7 Corsairs (6 OO, 4 TD)
8 A-6 Intruders (4 OO, 4TD)
4 A-1 Skyraiders (all TD)
4 H-3 helicopters (all TD)
1 E-1 Tracer (TD)
2 RA-3D Skywarrior/EB-66 Destroyer (both TD)
2 RA-5 Vigilante (both TD)
3 F-105 Thunderchiefs (all TD)
4 MiG-21 Fishbeds (all TD)
2 MiG-19 Farmer (both TD)
2 MiG-17 Fresco (all OO)
6 MiG-15 Fagot (all OO)
And, just for fun, 8 F-86 Sabers (OO, didn't know where else to put them)
*82 Vietnam aircraft and 8 Sabers
Price: $55 ($50 + actual shipping for International)

Top to bottom: F-4s, A-4s, F-8s, and A-7s.

A-6s, H-3s and A-1s, RA-5s, A3D/EB-66, and E-1, MiG-21s, and F-105s.

MiG-15s, MiG-17s, and MiG-19s, then F-86s.

The WWII Battle of Britain package:
8 He-111s
6 Do-17s
6 Me-110s
4 Ju-88s
4 Ju-87s
8 Me-109s
6 Hawker Hurricanes
6 Supermarine Sptifires
3 British light bombers, not sure which type
*51 total aircraft
Price: $40 ($35 + actual shipping for International)

Top to bottom, with British light bombers at left: Spitfires, Hurricanes, and Me-109s.

Me-109s, Ju-87s, Ju-88s, and Me-110s.

Do-17s and He-111s.

The WWII Pacific package, with Japanese at bottom left, USAAF at top left, and USN/USMC at right.
4 G4M "Betty" bombers
8 B5N "Kate" torpedo bombers
8 D3A "Val" dive bombers
16 A6M "Zero" fighters (eight white and eight green)
3 white light bombers, don't recall what type, might even actually be Soviet bombers I painted up as Japanese...
3 green light bombers, a different type than the one above, but same concept, don't recall what kind.
4 B-25 Mitchells
2 US light bombers, don't recall which type
8 P-40 Warhawks
8 P-38 Lightings
8 P-51 Mustangs
4 F4U Corsairs
8 TBD Devastators
8 SBD Dauntlesses
7 F4F Wildcats (can't figure where #8 went)
8 TBF Avengers
8 F6F Hellcats
*115 total aircraft
Price: $70 ($65 + actual shipping for International)

Top to bottom: "white" Zeroes, Vals, Kates, and Bettys.

The two different types of light bombers that I can't remember, "green" Zeroes, and "white" Zeroes.

P-38s, P-40s, two light bombers, and B-25s.

Start in the center, got F4U Corsairs, P-51 Mustangs, and P-38s.

Hellcats, Avengers, Wildcats, Dauntlesses, and Devastators.

Yeah, the P-40s have shark mouths on them ;)

And lastly, the modern package:
8 Su-27 Flankers
9 F-15 Eagles
4 F/A-18 Hornets
8 MiG-23 Floggers
12 F-16 Fighting Falcons
4 Eurofighter Typhoons
16 MiG-29 Fulcrums
4 A-4 Skyhawks (painted as Argentinian)
8 Mirage IIIs (4 painted as Argentinian)
8 AV-8 Harriers (4 painted as Harriers for Falklands)
*81 total aircraft
Price: $45 ($40 + actual shipping for International)

Top to bottom: MiG-23s, F/A-18s, F-15s, and Su-27s.

Top to bottom: Mirages, Harriers, A-4s and Neshers (Argentinian Mirages from Israel), two rows of MiG-28s, F-16s, and Typhoons at left.

Closer look at the aircraft for the Falklands.

Eurofighter Typhoons and Iraqi MiG-29s.

Russian MiG-29s, USAF F-16s, Israeli F-16s, and Syrian MiG-23s.

USN/USMC Hornets, USAF F-15s, and Russian Su-27s.

Well, that's it, let's make a deal!



  1. I hope that you aren’t cutting to much of your aviation lead! Loved reading your aerial battle reports. In fact it’s what got to knuckle down and get painting and playing! (Made a couple of missile threat posts over on the aerial war games Facebook page). Hopeing to get some more playing and painting. Though I am eyeing that Vietnam era set you have

    1. Johnson,

      Don't worry, I am in no danger of cutting down on dogfighting; quite the opposite, I'm ramping up (don't know if you've seen, but I've posted five dogfights in the past five days over on my "Island Hopping" blog), just doing it in a smaller scale.

      I'm not much for Facebook, but how do I find your missile threat posts?

      If you're eyeing the Vietnam set, hurry up and make me a deal! All the wWII stuff is gone and I'm currently in negotiations for the Modern stuff, so the Vietnam set is the only one left.