Sunday, November 30, 2014

Napoleonics for TMP Marketplace


This is for a couple gentlemen expressing interest in picking up my 6mm Baccus Napoleonics, which have been languishing in a box for about a year now.  I'm asking $70 (which includes basic shipping in the US), for what is around $200 worth of raw lead.

Here's the whole shebang.  These are Brits and French, Waterloo-era.

12 skirmish bases of rifles, primed (a little red and gray also) casualties (both horse and infantry), 4 guns, caissons, and horse teams with Horse Artillery crews.

Brit/Allied cavalry: 1 unit of Blues, 2 Dragoons, and 3 Hussars (Mirlton/Busby).  Each unit has six cavalry troopers painted up, and three only primed (this is due to my changing rules/basing styles several times).

2 Brit Lt Dragoons, 1 KGL Lt Dragoons, 1 Scot's Greys, 1 Dutch Lt Cav (all are 6 painted figures, 3 primed).  Then there are a further 18 primed Dragoons, 18 primed Hussars (Shako), and 18 primed Lt Dragoons.

5 strips of officer figures (3 figures per strip), 20 strips of Highlanders (primed with red jackets and green kilts), and 5 Highlander command strips (primed).

40 strips of Brit Line Infantry (Belgic shako) and 7 command strips (primed, red jackets gray pants).

7 bases of French Line Infantry (60 x 30mm, flags attached, with 5 infantry strips and 1 command strip per base) and 1 base of Cuirassiers (9 figures).

5 Line infantry strips (primed), 21 Grenadier (in Bearskins, primed and white), and 4 Gren command stands (bare metal).

12 Legere skirmish stands, 1 unit of Chasseurs (6 painted, 3 primed), 2 guns painted and based, 2 guns primed (with accidental red jackets and gray pants, not sure what I was thinking), 4 caissons and horse teams.

1 unit of Horse Grenadiers (6 painted, 3 primed), 1 unit of Hussars (Busby, 6/3), 1 unit of Dragoons (6/3), 1 unit of Cuirassiers (3/6; yes that's 3/6, not 6/3), 1 unit of Carabiniers (6/3), 27 primed Hussars (shako), 18 primed Chasseurs, and 18 primed Dragoons.

Hope that helps.


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