Sunday, August 25, 2013

Recon on the Run!

    So I was feeling froggy to get my modern Spec Ops guys and modern Mediocre bad guys on the table, and so, with some time to spare before having to entertain some visitors, I quickly set up the board.
    The premise was that a good guy reconnaissance team had spent the last 24 hours with eyes down on the target, before a bad guy patrol somehow stumbled into them  Shots were exchanged, with one of the six-man recon team being hit.  The Lt radio'ed for an immediate extract at the nearest LZ, several hundred meters to their rear, having to carry a wounded man with seemingly the whole bad guy army on their tail!
    For the game itself, I made a few modifications.  Being Special Forces, they got positive modifiers to their command rolls, and in many cases automatically passed them.  In stead of a simple 'pinned/not pinned' concept, the recon guys would accumulate pins, successively making it more difficult to activate, though the Lt and Team Sergeant (Tm Sgt) being in close proximity would add positive modifiers to the command rolls as well.  I also gave the recon team positive mods to shooting and extended (by a couple cm's) their movement.
    The bad guys kept the simple 'pinned/not pinned' mechanism, unpinning on 4+.  Their movement and shooting was normal, thus a little less than the recon team.  The bad guys would have ten guys on the table at any one point, and KIAs on their side were immediately recycled onto the table.  The bad guys started with no one on the table, but when one of their cards came out I would dice to see where they would come on:1-4 on their baseline (left), 5 on top edge, 6 on bottom edge, with the recon team moving from left side to right.

 The good guy recon team, clockwise from left: Tm Sgt (with rifle), Lt (with rifle), grenadier, grenadier, rifle, and wounded man, who has to be carried by a team member.
 The extraction helo.
 The bad guys, who will have these 10 guys on board, with KIA's being recycled continuously.  This was to prove quite a challenge...
 The board, with Recon in their starting positions at left center, and the LZ at bottom right.  Doesn't look that far does it?  The bad guys will enter on left side road on a roll of 1-4, top road on a 5, and bottom road on a 6.  Bad guys showing up on the flanks would also be quite a challenge.
 Another look at the recon team start positions, from the enemy baseline.  Grenadier1 on far left, then Lt, rifle with WIA at center (near road), Tm Sgt, and Grenadier2.
 Turn 1: Two bad guys (BG) come on to left, firing up Gren1 to no effect, who returns fire, KIA 1 pin 1.  More BG come on, Lt pins one, Tm Sgt KIA 1, Gren2 KIA 1, rifleman drags the wounded guy to right, ascending the hill.  A BG gets a pin on Gren 1, then the last BG to enter on left moves up and pops Gren2!  3 BG come on the bottom road.  Recon is down to 4 effectives, 2 WIA.
 Recon main position, Gren1 (w/1 pin) and Lt on right, Tm Sgt and wounded Gren2 on left, BG to front.
 3 BG coming up from bottom road, Recon at top left, with rifle carrying WIA cresting the hill.  LZ is to the right of the field at bottom right.
 Turn 2: 2 BG come on at top road, move up and take rifle/WIA under fire, hitting nothing.  Gren1 lays down fire, hitting nothing(!), falls back, Lt does the same thing (terrible rolling on the firing dice).    BG moves up to Tm Sgt but misses, while 3 BG at bottom move up and fire at rifle/WIA, missing.  Tm Sgt pins BG to his direct front, moves over and picks up WIA Gren2.  Rifle/WIA moves to top of hill, puts down WIA, and fires at bottom BG, KIA 1.  More BG come on front and top.  Pic shows BG to left, Gren1 and Lt at top right, Tm Sgt and WIA Gren2 at bottom center.
 Situation with Rifle/WIA on hill, with two BG remaining, one KIA, and one just coming on.
 Turn 3: Tm Sgt whacks one, shoulders WIA Gren2, and falls back to hill.  Gren1 gets one KIA and moves towards the hill, with Lt doing the same (except not hitting anything!).  Rifle lays down fire, pinning one, before shouldering WIA and continuing to move towards LZ.  Horde of BG in center moves up, gets another pin on Gren1, while BG at bottom get two pins on Rifle/WIA.  More BG come on at front and top.
 Situation on hill, with all of Recon there now.  Tm Sgt carrying WIA Gren2 at top center, with Gren1 (2 pins) and Lt to their right, and Rifle/WIA (two pins) just below them.  Three BG in picture below them.
 BG to front giving chase.
 Turn 4: Tm Sgt w/WIA Gren 2 keeps moving, manages to KIA 1, while Rifle/WIA does the same.  Gren1 pins one and continues to rear, while Lt receives a pin from BG in center.  He returns fire, hitting nothing, then falls back.  Another BG comes on the top side.  Recon is being seriously pushed from front and left (bottom), with stragglers harassing from right (top).
 A closer shot, showing BG at top, Gren1, Lt, and Tm Sgt w/WIA Gren2 on hill, with pinned BG right next to them, and Rifle/WIA in road.
 BG replacement horde coming off their baseline.
 Turn 4: Top BG moves up, fires, somehow missing Rifle/WIA in street, before Lt puts him down and falls back.  The pinned BG on hill unpins, lays into Tm Sgt, but misses.  Tm Sgt, still carrying WIA Gren2, re-pins him and moves down the hill (Recon needs to be getting kills, not pins!).  Gren1, finally showing some Special Forces capability, looks right, puts that BG down in the street, swings left, puts down the pinned BG on the hill, then sprints down the hill.  A whole horde of BG in the center moves up, spraying and praying but ultimately hitting nothing.  Rifle/WIA pops one BG and continues moving.
 Top left is BG horde in center, with Gren1 and Tm Sgt/WIA Gren2 in street, Lt on left side of hedge, and Rifle/WIA at right side of hedge.  Immediately to their right is the stone fence separating them from the LZ.  Things are looking up...
 Turn 6: No they're not.  BGs move up in front onto hill, and pop Gren1 in the street.  The Lt pins one and whacks one, before moving up to WIA Gren1.  Tm Sgt puts down 2 BG and charges through brush, while BGs move up on both flanks and pop the Lt, who falls next to WIA Gren 1!!!  Rifle puts down WIA, turns and fires, hitting nothing.  More BGs enter the table.  The 'whup-whup-whup' of helicopter blades can be heard, and the Blackhawk swoops in over the LZ.  This was not my original intent with the scenario, but things are looking decidedly bleak, with Recon down to two effectives, Tm Sgt and Rifle, who have two WIA with them in the bushes and two WIA (Gren1 and Lt) laying out in the street at center.
    Gren1 getting hit was just one of those unfortunate things, with BGs moving up and getting the drop on him while he was in the open.  With the Lt, I took a calculated risk.  There were only a couple BG cards left in the deck, and I figured they would likely come on to the front (their baseline, needing a 5 or 6 to come on on the flank).  So the Lt bravely moved up to scoop WIA Gren1 out of the line of fire, and BGs magically appeared at the flanks to gun him down too...
 Closeup of Recon's position, with Tm Sgt on left and Rifle on right (with two pins).
 BGs advancing from front (on street and hill) and on right (street).  Additionally, there would be a steady stream of BGs from the left coming on regularly.
 Turn 7: BGs move up in center, and Rifle and Tm Sgt both get kills before the Tm Sgt is dropped!  Meanwhile, the Blackhawk sits down and the Quick Reaction Force (QRF), a four-man team, pops out.  Three of them move up to the wall, laying down a couple BGs, but then a BG pops onto the table at bottom and whacks a QRF Rifle.  Even the cavalry is taking casualties!  4 more BG enter at the center.
 Blackhawk on the ground, QRF at wall, having just sustained a casualty, and Recon on the other side of the road, with only the Rifle effective, and two WIA in the street.  1 BG at left (the one that just popped the QRF rifle), a few at right, and a slew coming up the street/cresting the hill at center.
 Closeup of Recon and QRF (sorry about the black beads).
 Turn 8: Recon Rifle pins two BG and hands WIA over wall to QRF Lt, who pops the left BG and moves the WIA to the helo. QRF Gren1 sprays, hitting nothing, hops over wall, and moves up to bushes, while QRF Gren2 does the same, except putting 2 BG down on right.  BGs advance on center and right, but hit nothing.
 Photo backed out to show another BG popped in on left, BGs thick in front and on right.
 Turn 9: BGs advance in center, hitting nothing.  Lt gets WIA in bird, moves back to wall, pins 1 BG.  Recon Rifle pins 1 BG, moves to shuttle next WIA to Lt at wall.  QRF Gren 2 moves right and hits nothing, while QRF Gren1 gets 1 KIA and 1 pin.  The horde continues to come, firing ineffectually.
Turn 10: BG on left moves up, hits nothing.  Lt takes a shot at him, no effect, then moves another WIA to helo.  Of all things, Recon Rifle fails his command roll (did I mention I only have four effectives in the fight?!).  QRF Gren1 gets a KIA and a pin, then moves a WIA to wall.  More BGs move up in center, firing to no effect, while QRF Gren2 knocks one down, before more BGs enter on each flank...
 Turn 11: The Lt drops another WIA in the helo, then returns to the wall and kills the BG on left.  Several BGs advance in the center on the hill and crossroads, popping the last Recon team member!  QRF Gren2 gets a KIA and a pin before moving another WIA to the wall, while QRF Gren1 does some 'Spec Ops' stuff and knocks down 3 BG!!!  More BGs enter...
 Close up of the US pos.  Lt on right, shuttinling WIA to the helo.  On the other side of the wall, all Recon members are down, including Gren1 and the Lt, still lying in the street.  The QRF Grenadiers keep trying to hold the bad guys off and get the WIA over the wall to the Lt.
 Turn 12: QRF Gren1 puts down 2 BGs, then figures it's time to get out in the road to retrieve the two Recon WIA out there.  I was going to let him move a very short distance pulling both of them, unable to shoot; my rules are flexible in the extreme!  But it didn't matter, because ANOTHER BG entered on the left and laid him down right next to the two Recon guys...  The Lt curses under his breath, puts that BG down, then carries another WIA to the helo.  QRF Gren2 gets 2 KIA and moves another WIA to wall for the Lt.
    At this point I counted 36 Bad Guy KIAs on the table, so my little force has done quite a bit of damage.  But, I'm down to two effectives and still have four wounded on the wrong side of the wall...

Turn 13: BG's move up from all points, getting a few pins on QRF Gren2, so he spends the turn rallying, while the Lt gets another WIA on the chopper and returns to the wall (I didn't take any photos).
Turn 14: Lt whacks a BG before shouldering a WIA and moving to the helo.  Due to freak circumstances, there are no BGs in view, but they have about nine of their ten cards still in the deck, but the other US card comes out.  What this means is, I have to do something with QRF Gren2, and while there are no BGs in sight, because all their cards are still in the deck, there soon will be.
    So, I take QRF Gren2 into the street to try to start dragging his comrades back to cover.  The BGs promptly roll 2 6's and a 5, putting guys on both flanks, and mercilessly gun down QRF Gren2.
    The Lt, disgusted and defeated, murmurs into the radio, stuffs another WIA into the chopper, then mounts the bird himself.  As the Blackhawk pulls away two fighter-bombers screech-in and drop napalm on the crossroads! (I hope the photo looks suitable, but it probably just looks cheesy!)

What the @#$%!!!  Man, I cheated (by creating a QRF to come in and help), and I still got my butt kicked!  But man was that fun, having me on the edge of my seat the whole time, and I really felt like I was going to pull it off, but I just couldn't seem to keep up with the bad guys.  I had a great time, hope you liked it too.


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