Saturday, August 31, 2013

Modern Irregulars

    In trying to get my stuff ready for my "Cuba Libre" project, I spend all morning painting and basing up one of the troop elements, which I suppose I'm calling my "Modern Irregulars" (don't know what else to call them).  They are from the 10mm Pendraken Falklands range, using Brit SAS and Argentinian Special Forces.  I painted them up (rather garishly in some cases) as wearing civilian clothes with a bit of military kit.
    In Cuba Libre I envision using these for:
-CLA Special Operations forces (in urban/clan scenarios)
-CLA Popular Forces (recently raised militia in the fight for liberation)
-Drug Cartels
-Hezbollah during the two incursions into Lebanon, as well as in Syria and CT ops worldwide
-Sadr militia during OIF
-IRGC for OEF, OIF, Syria, and CT ops worldwide
-Taliban for OEF (Afghan and Pakistan)
-Insurgent/Militia/Warlord hangers on for Somalia/Rwanda/Liberia
-Al Qaeda for OEF (Afghan, Pakistan, CT ops worldwide)
And those are just the ones I know of!  Of course, they will be used wherever and whenever I think they're appropriate.  Here's the pics:
 The whole force, 51 men in (only) five poses.
 Top is the Argie rifle, bottom and Argie with an SMG (which I'm using for leadership).  Hope you dig the civvies.  They're also wearing masks.  I keep wanting to put gloves on guys, but I'm having a problem with this in 10mm.  I can't seem to find a color that sticks out without looking ridiculous.  Using black or brown just seems to blend into the weapons or clothing.
 A couple of the Brit rifles, top w/SLR and bottom with M-16.
 Brit SAS w/M-203.
Here's a closeup to give you a look at the face-masks.

I'm sure they're not the most beautiful things, and I was scared for a bit when I was about halfway through painting them, but I'll tell you, I'm happy with how they turned out and I think they'll work perfectly for what I need them to do.  I mean, tell me those guys can't be Spec Ops guys anywhere in the world, or Cartel in Central America, or Hezbollah/IRGC in Lebanon.  Maybe a stretch for Iraq and Afghanistan, but I think they'll be close enough for me (though I do have some good looking Taliban from Minifigs).

Next up on the paintbench is some Castro-regime forces.  


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