Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3mm Moderns from Picoarmor

Greetings all,
    I'm trying to help a fellow TMPer out with an acquisition and wanted to post some pics, both for posterity as well as to aid said acquisition.  A few years ago I laid out, acquired, set to, and actually completed a project!  As a bonus, I actually got a goodly number of 3mm Cold War Commander games in, against a breathing, flesh and blood opponent.  However, I am a wargaming butterfly and found my true love (10mm), and subsequently neglected a significant portion of the collection.  It has spent the past couple years in a box in the garage, and the years have not been kind in terms of bases splitting (I used dual wood bases held together with wood glue), minis coming off the bases, dust and spiderwebs, etc...  A small portion of the collection (mostly aircraft) was kept indoors, and I bet you can tell the difference.
    So, what I've got from that CWC setup:
T72: 115                       M1: 79
BMP: 69                       Bradley: 23
SP Arty: 27                   Crusader: 9
BM21: 12                     MLRS: 7
SA9: 21                        Chapparel: 5
ZSU23-4: 15                M163 AAA: 2
BRDM Sagger: 18        M901: 26
BTR60: 39                   M113: 15
GaZ Jeep: 10               HMMWV: 13
T-80: 30                      M60A3: 30
5t truck: 5                    5t truck: 5
Scud: 5                        A-10: 2
Mi24 Hind: 12             Apache: 6
                                   OH-58D: 2
                                   UH-60: 2
How about those pics:

 These are the US forces.
 Here's a closeup of an Abrams platoon, in this case 2nd Plt, A Co, 2nd Bn.  Kinda dusty and yucky...
 Here's the WarPac forces, minus the helos.
 The Red Horde, four battalions of T-72s.
 A close up of a T-72 platoon.
 Warthog, Hind, and Apache.

Now, I also did a lot of WW2 gaming in 3mm with BKC.  I apologize but I don't have the strength to do a full inventory.  There are US, German, and Soviets for Europe and Germans and Brits for Africa.  All told there are about 180 AFVs, trucks, and guns, and another 180 infantry strips, machine guns, and mortars.

 This is a photo of the box of WW2 stuff...

Lastly, I also have a 1/600 (3mm) set of cold war aircraft that I used for separate, air only fights, as well as some half-a$$ed rules I bolted onto CWC.  They're mounted on Legos, just like my WW2 1/600 aircraft. Inventory:
Mi-24: 2                        AH-62: 2
Mi-2: 2                          OH-58: 2
Mi-8: 2                          UH-60: 2
MiG-29: 4                     F-15: 4
Su-22: 8                        F-4: 4
MiG-23: 6                     F-16: 6
MiG-21: 6                     Mirage F1: 6
Su-25: 2                        A-10: 2

Here's some pics.
 Here we have bad guy Mi-24, Mi-2, and Mi-8, and good guy AH-64, OH-58, and UH-60.
 Good guy aircraft: A-10, F-15, F-16, and F-4.
 Bad guy Su-25, MiG-29, MiG-23, and Su-22.
Mirage F1 and MiG-21.

Well, that's enough for tonight, it's about time to hit the rack.


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