Monday, August 12, 2013

6mm Napoleonics

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the perpetual project.  What I mean is, I bought a bunch of beautiful 6mm Napoleonics from Baccus (via Scale Creep) and took off on a painting tear.  I got a decent ways in (okay, not that decent, but I sure spent a lot of time), without really realizing how I would base them/what rules I would use.  Then I decided I wanted a super-huge, grandest of the grand Napoleonic deal in 10mm; but then I figured, I've really put a lot of time into these 6mm's, so, I'll just do it.
     Now my plan is to build regiments of  four 'regular' Baccus bases (60mm x 30mm) for infantry (that's 6 strips each) and three regular Baccus bases for cavalry (9 cav troopers each).  What that ultimately means is, I will never get this project done!  I spend a couple hours the other night figuring out how many more packs of infantry, artillery, and cavalry I need to buy for my super-duper project, and, well, it's quite monstrous...
 Here's the lot of my Brits, some Cav in bottom left, Inf on the right going up to casualties and officer figures, with some terrain (Simply6) then Arty at top left.
 Brit Heavy Dragoons...
 ...and Light.
 The only Brit Infantry I have finished...
 How about some Rifles?
 Here are ze French.  Top left is Cav, to their right we have Generals, casualties, some Arty, and some Grenadiers not yet painted.  Bottom left is Infantry, all the way over to the skirmishing Light Infantry.
 Carabiniers (left) and Dragoons (right).
 A couple Arty stands.
 All the French Infantry I have painted so far.  Please note that the basing I have in the photo is not basing I (recently) chose to go with...

Here's a close-up of some finished infantry.  I need to paint all the flagstaffs blue...  I also need to get some other colors on the French pom-poms...  To do two sticks (6 strips) takes me about four hours; yes I'm slow, with the side benefit of not being that good!  It's good enough for me, but very time consuming.  As I mentioned, those 6 strips will become one base, with four bases becoming one battalion, and I'm looking at having a total of something like 24 battalions.  Which means I should be almost done sometime around the year 2347...


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