Saturday, August 31, 2013

6mm British Line Infantry

    Well, so far no games this week, and I'm not sure if any will happen this weekend either, despite the holiday weekend.  What I've been working on all week and all day today has been painting.  I got a fresh bag o'goodies from Pendraken for my "Cuba Libre" and French Indo-China projects, as well as some Baccus 6mm cavalry for my Brits and French.  So I pulled everything out, cleaned it up, glued it on popsicle sticks, and got it primed (I always use khaki).
    I spent a couple hours each evening finishing up a total of 40 strips of Brit Line Infantry.  It's cool having them done, but I still have quite a bit on my bench here at the house, and the sinking realization that I only own about 20% of what I will need to complete this project.  So not only do I need to spend a @#$-ton of cash to get there, but I also have about 3 million more hours of painting, just for my Napoleons...
    Here's what I finished this weekend:
 The whole shebang, minus the command stands, which I haven't finished.  I'm also waiting on a pack of 60 x 30 MDF bases for this project.
 My 'blues.'
 My 'greens.'
 My 'yellows.'
    My 'buffs.'  I hope this is historically accurate.  The stuff I was looking at said that the red-flagged regiments had either red or buff cuffs.  I tried a red, but it didn't stand out enough from their red jackets, so I went with buff.  Come to think of it, I think it's actually supposed to be white, but I went with buff because I wanted a different color than the crossbelts, which I wanted to really pop.

Hope you like them.


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