Monday, August 12, 2013

Forces for Chain of Command

In the past week or so I posted these pics to Photobucket (which I'd never used before), Triangle Wargames Forum (which I'd never used before), TMP, and the Pendraken forum.  This marked the first time I'd ever taken photos of my minis and posted them to the public.  So, sorry these photos aren't virgin, but they will serve as the inaugural photos for the blog as they're the only ones I have lying around and I want to figure out how this works.  I also want to figure out how labels work, so here goes...
    I have made up two 10mm forces for TFL's upcoming release of Chain of Command.  I have a force of Brits (or Canadians) and German Fallschirmjaeger that are individually based.

In our first picture we have the infantry of the German force.
And here we have our Brits.
Here we have some German leadership.  The back two are from the "FJ Officers" pack, the far left is from the "Wehrmacht Engineers," and the front right two are the "Rommel and Ramcke."  All troops are mounted on pennies, given a bit of sand, painted brown, drybrushed sand, then given some grass.  Base edges are painted to give troop type: Gold=officer, silver=NCO, red=LMG and A-gunner, blue=rifle, sand=SMG, and then I went with a dark gray for the various weapons, crew, and engineers.
Here are the FJ Rifles, Carbine (Gw43), SMG, and Pzfaust, whom I gave a green base edge to.  As PzFausts are one-shot weapons, once fired the troop will be replaced with a blue base (rifle).
Here are the FJ LMG (MG34 pack) and FJ Panzerschreck.  In the pack they come two to a base, so I had to cut them apart in order to individually base them.
Here's the FJ 80mm mortar and the FJ MG42.  What a terrible photo; if I wasn't such a lazy @#$% I'd fix it.  If only...
Here's are FJ flamethrower, radio, and minesweeper models.  FT and minesweeper (who will be used as a generic engineer) are from the "Wehrmacht Engineer" pack, and the radio is borrowed from the Brit Airborne line.
Some Brit leadership, with the guys at 2 and 7 o'clock from the "Brit Officers" pack, 11 o'clock a radio borrowed from the Brit Airborne line, and 5 o'clock being the ubiquitous "Monty."  In my games he will not be used as Monty of course, but instead he will represent the times when a company commander or other VIP is present on the battlefield for the British (i.e., special scenario conditions/considerations).
Here we have "Brit Firing" (top left), "Brit Sten" (top center), "Brit Bren" (top right), and "Brit Riflemen" (both guys in front row).  Again, blue=rifle, sand=SMG, and red=LMG (and a-gunner).
Brit 2" Mortar (for some reason I used the Brit Airborne version instead of the regular infantry version, both of which I have), PIAT team, and Vickers MG team.  Here you can really see the dark gray I used for heavy weapons and crew.
Brit Engineers, which have three poses: minesweeper, a guy running (maybe with a satchel charge?), and a flamethrower.
Here's a German 50mm mortar, which comes from the regular Wehrmacht side as Pendraken doesn't make one for FJ (I don't know that FJ even used them in real life, but hey, I wanted some).
A Brit half-section (A-gunner and Bren Gunner in red, Corporal in silver, and two rifles in blue) fans out in wedge formation on the tablecloth, ready to do battle with...
A German half-squad set up the same way (except for, regarding the proper T/O, since the LMG is here this NCO would be a Sergeant instead of a Corporal), but facing the wrong direction (or are they sneaking up behind the Brits?)!!!

Well, that's all for now.  I'm kinda getting a fever for this.  Let's see what other photos I can scare up.


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