Friday, August 23, 2013

(Mediocre) Bad Guys and Blackhawks

    Well, I finished up some generic, mediocre bad guys to oppose my modern Special Operations Forces (my "GI Jacks").  I wanted to have some utility for these guys other than just opposing the "Jacks," so I didn't paint my "Python" force blue or anything, going a bit more conservative/standard.  Here's some pics:
 The entire force, a pack of Minifigs 10mm Warsaw Pact infantry, plus a couple spares I had left lying around from a Warsaw Pact heavy weapons pack.
 Top left, SA-7, top center, the random rifleman I chose to be the officer (he was the only one of this pose in the pack), top right, AT-5 Spandrel, bottom left, RPG, bottom right heavy weapons assistant (for a 120mm mortar, actually).
 Reverse of the above picture.  I went with a gray for the uniforms and an olive drab for the equipment.
 Top, AK with UGL, bottom, RPD.  In this pic you can sort of see the facemasks I put on the guys ("Python" style).  I wanted to put gloves on them but every color I tried blended with the uniform or weapon, and I didn't want to use something garish (pink gloves would have really stood out, I'm sure).
 Top, AK rifleman, bottom, RPK.
 Top, RTO w/AK, bottom, AK rifleman.

Now, I couldn't just do something for the bad guys, so I had to do something for the good guys.  I have about half a dozen helos in the garage, been primed and sitting there for about a year, so I pulled a couple Blackhawks and finished them up.
 Two MH-60s for my Spec Ops, and other modern forces as necessary/appropriate.
 Reverse shot.  I know the red and yellow stands out a bit for a bird that's supposed to be subdued, but hey, I wanted it to stand out a little bit...
 I decided to do a little nose art.
 The other bird.
A side shot.

Well, it was a productive day, with getting these finished up and getting in a WW2 skirmish game (and getting it written up and posted).  Now I need to get these on the table.


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