Monday, August 12, 2013

15mm PSC US and Germans

Well, I have no idea why, but when PSC put out Americans (at least quite a bit of them) and Germans, for some reason I just had to get some.  I know we're still getting to know each other, but here's a bit of history on old Jack.  I only started wargaming a couple years ago (mid-2009, to be exact), and one of my first projects was 15mm for Crossfire using nothing but Old Glory's Command Decision line.  I quickly rang up several hundred dollars in shiny new metal, then set to slavishly painting and basing these things.  I got a few games in with my Old Man before getting rid of them.
    This is not an indictment of 15mm, but for me they are just too big.  I don't like the way they look on my 6' x 4' tabletop, it doesn't look like I want my (particularly) WW2 games to look.  I'm talking about a stand equals a squad, a vehicle's a vehicle, a gun a gun, no arty on table, etc...  Just too much stuff in too small an area.  As I'm looking at it I can't help but think "they need some interval, some dispersion, and they should be able to shoot across the whole table, longways."  Now, in scale, that probably holds true in 10mm also, but, to my eye, 10mm is more visually pleasing.
     So, what did I do?  To make a long story short, I pretty much just gave them away, then spent the past couple years amassing considerable forces in 10mm (see my initial post where I lay out an inventory).  And then I bought some more...  Here's some pics:
 Here's the infantry.  That's a full box of Germans on the bottom and full box of US on top.
 Top to bottom: German rifles, loaders, and LMGs.  Obviously they haven't been based, and they haven't been given a matte spray yet either, so lookiing a little shiny.
 Top to bottom: LMGs on the move, medics, Officers/NCOs, rifles, and more rifles.
 And here's some Joes.  Some BARs in the back row, then some docs.  The lower two have a BAR, Garand, M-1 Carbine, then a Thompson SMG.
 Here's all the PSC vehicles I've bought.  Left to right, Sdkfz 251 halftracks (yes, my pack had 6!), Pz IVs, M-3 halftracks, and M-4 Shermans (I built 4 75s and 1 76).  I love the flexibility PSC gives you to make each vehicle unique.  Plus, I'm not much of a modeller, so I really appreciated how quick and easy they went together.  If I have a complaint, it's putting the damned infantry and heavy weapons together.  Those parts are t-i-n-y and took me a considerable amount of time.
 Close(r) up shot of a Sherman and Mk IV...
 ...and their reverse.  Same for the halftracks below.
I didn't put in photos of the German heavy weapons as I'm still painting them, and the US heavy weapons have yet to be released by PSC.  As I much as these are cool, and I've put a lot of time into them, I can't help but think I should sell these off.  My only real question is should I get rid of them now, or wait until the US Hvy Wpns are out, buy them, get everything painted up and based up nice and pretty, and then get rid of it.  I don't know.  I know pretty things sell better, but I don't really want to put more time, money, and effort into these knowing 10mm is where my main focus is.  Ugh...


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