Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Actors for "Bag the Hun"

Well, I've got a decent amount of aircraft for TFL's "Bag the Hun," with a lot more in the hopper that I need to get finished.  Here's a few photos:
 So, here we have three Spitfires tailing two He-111s whilst simultaneously being bounced by two Me-109s.  I'm sure my use of Legos as basing looks pretty funny, but hey, it's very practical, cheap, and quick.  As I've mentioned previously, I'm nothing if not utilitarian, and I'm certainly not a modeller.  I like my stuff to give a decent representation of what the fight should look like, and these work for me.  In BTH you have to use a roster to ID your planes, and so I just use a marker to put a number on the base, and voila, I have Gray 1, Blue 2, and Red 3.  At one point I tried using various Lego blocks to simulate the altitude (there are 6 altitude bands in BTH), but it was way too fiddly/time consuming to switch blocks in and out every time someone climbed or dove.  So now I do as TFL recommends: I use a small dice to show altitude (not pictured).
 Close up  of the He-111s.  I want to tell you guys that everything's hand painted, but there's really nothing to brag about ;)
 A couple Spits.  I keep saying I'm going to get some Hurricanes (and Lord know they'd help knock down those big bombers while the Spits take on the fighters).
 A coupla Messerschmitts.
 A couple Japanese bombers bounced by a couple Flying Tigers.
 Another shot.  I think the "Japanese" bombers are actually Brit bombers I had lying around.  Sure painted up nice though.
 Another shot of the "Japanese" bombers.  Hey, at 1/600 you can get away with a lot of stuff (I hope).
And here's my Tigers.  Yes, those are carrying sharks' mouths.  You need to hold a 1/600 P-40 in your hand to appreciate my feat :-)

In any case, I love BTH, and it works pretty well solo.  I'm a statistical kind of guy, so I really like putting a squadron together and getting in on in a campaign to see who racks up the most kills.  Hope you like'em.



  1. Great job painting those planes. I had to move to 1/300 to paint em. What are you using to run the campaign?


  2. Joe,
    Thanks for the compliments. I do love my Pico 1/600 aircraft. With all the stuff going on with 10mm WWII and Cuba Libre, unfortunately I haven't gotten anything done with these guys in quite some time.
    In the past I played Battle of Britain (not the whole thing, but a couple weeks). I rolled 2D6 at the start of each day and this was the number of fights that would occur, then I played them out, usually using two three-plane Vs of fighters per side, plus a three plane V of bombers for the Germans. I had a homemade chart of initial entry points, initial altitude, and sun that I'd roll up to start the game. For tracking I used one of the Bag the Hun rosters available on the TFL yahoo group.
    I really want to get back into this, plus I have a bunch of WWII USN and IJN aircraft that need to be finished painting. My jones for some air-gaming has got me adding a fighter squadron to my Cuban Liberation Forces!