Monday, August 19, 2013

10mm WW2 US Paratroopers and Modern Special Operations

    Last night I had an hour on my hands with nothing to do.  I've been having a blast with my skirmish fights between Brits and Germans, but I'd like a little variety, so I pried some guys off their (multi-figure) bases and did them up singly.
    I did them up quick.  With the Brits and Germans I put basing sand on, painted it brown, dry-brushed it sand, then put grass on them.  These I just glued the guys on the pennies, painted some green flock on, then painted some grass on.  I don't like them as much as the Brits and Germans, but they're good enough for to get on the table (though I still need to paint the base edges).
 Here's the whole US Airborne force, all Pendraken.  I based 15 up, right in line with my skirmish rules, though I've got some Pendraken Ardennes Paras on order and I'll see if any fit in with the D-Day Paras and maybe steal a couple.
 The command element (clockwise from left): 60mm mortar assistant, mortar gunner and tube, officer, and a bazooka man.
 Rear of bazooka and Lieutenant.  I'm quite fond of the white stripe for some reason.  I need to put some horizontal stripes on a couple NCOs.
 Clockwise from top left: .30 cal. MG gunner, MG A-gunner (both from the Pendraken US Marine range as I didn't like the prone crew, even though it's more realistic), standing Tommy gunner, and kneeling Tommy gunner (both from the Pathfinders pack, ergo the mohawks).
 Reverse of the pathfinders.
 Clockwise from left: rifleman (advancing), 2 rifleman (from the rifleman pack), and two more Tommy-gunners (from the SMG pack; same pose as the pathfinders but with helmets on).

Then I went for some modern special operations types from Minifigs.  Pendraken is my favorite, but I've still got a softspot for Minifigs (plus Pendraken doesn't make everything I need! Yet.).
 The Spec Ops force.  Again, keeping the forces at ~15 guys.  Here's some closeups:

Great figures, now I need to finish up their adversaries.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these guys in the long run.  I had this goofy idea pop into my head last night that drove me to do this rebasing: hearkening back to my youth, I remember watching the cartoon series and playing with "GI Joe" action figures.  So we have a multi-national special operations unit that goes anywhere, anytime to duke it out with the evil "Cobra" forces, a nameless, faceless enemy that pops up doing evil deeds anywhere, anytime.  Sounds like a fun baseline to get some cool, fun skirmish games in with.  A lot of flexibility for scenarios.

Can't use the term "GI Joe," so I suppose they'll be "GI Jack" fighting the evil "Python" forces...  

If any of you've seen it, the concept of the TV show "Strike Back" is also a factor in my thinking.  A few highly-trained direct-action types against hordes of bad guys.  The bad guys keep normal stats, with the superheroes getting a +1 (or +2) to command rolls, roll an extra dice firing.  The issue would be that the 'hordes of bad guys' would swamp the good guys in activation cards.  Maybe look at activating the bad guys in three or four-man fireteams (as opposed to individually)?  Food for thought.


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