Monday, August 12, 2013

10mm Peninsular for Songs of Drums and Shakos

Here's some photos of some Pendraken French and British from their Peninsular line.  Okay, I cheated a bit, but that's part of why I like 10mm so much.  I bought one pack of French and Brit Infantry (so I've got a bout 30 of both), one pack of French artillery (two guns total, which I split and gave one to the French and one to the Brits), one pack of French Dragoons (which I also split and gave the French seven plus one more to use as a mounted officer, and seven to the Brits).  I also bought a mounted General each; the Brit will serve as a mounted officer, while the French will serve both sides as a General, a mayor, a governor, a spy, a smuggler, a tax collector, etc.., depending on what I need for a scenario.  I also have some civilians and and a horse and carriage on order.

 Here's the whole force.
 My dastardly, whatever I need him to be for the scenario.
 French mounted officer (left, actually just another regular Dragoon, but painted to be my French mounted officer) and the British mounted officer.
 French artillery.
 Brit artillery (really French but painted Brit, close enough for me).
 French Dragoons (left) and British Dragoons (right, but actually French painted Brit).
 Brit leadership (I guess I'm not finished...  I need a flag and to paint the drum).
 Some of the Brit infantry.
 And the French.  I don't know if you can see it, but I actually put different colors of hair on these guys (brown, sand, rust).
French leadership.  Suffering the same failings as the Brits (no flag and drum not painted)...

The plan for these is various scenarios in Spain circa 1809(?) using the "Songs of Drums and Shakos" skirmish rules.  My wife likes to play games and these might be 'lite' enough to get her to play.  Only time will tell, but that's my plan.



  1. Good luck reeling your wife into Napoleonics Jack! Nice figures too.

  2. Well done Jack, hope you'll soon post some pics of SDS scenarios! Sergio Laliscia

  3. Thanks for the kind words, and as I get time to play games I'll certainly snap some photos and post them here. Believe it or not, the wife enjoys playing, as long as it's light (rules), doesn't drag on for hours, and I'm not being an @$$hole because she's beating me.