Sunday, September 1, 2013

Castro Regime and CLA Regulars/Airborne

    The weekend is ticking down with no games in, but I've been a painting (and basing) fool.  Today I finished up my Castro Regime regulars (using Pendraken Argentinians), and I finished painting my Liberation-era CLA Regulars/Airborne (using Pendraken US Vietnam range).  However, I didn't get them based up because...  I ran out of pennies!  I'll have to see if I can pick up a couple hundred new bases tomorrow...
    In any case, with all this painting and basing going on, you know what that means: the invasion draws nearer.  There's really not a whole lot left I need to get taken care of before it's time whoop it on.  I got some palm trees that I need to put flock on, and I've got a few more figures I need to get sorted out for the Liberation fight, but the biggest deal I have working against me is buildings.  All I really have in my inventory are (extraordinarily bad-looking) WW2 ruined buildings.  I've got plenty of them, but I don't know that they will work out for me in Cuba, unless our plan is to destroy every town in the process of liberating it ("we had to destroy the village to save it...").  Not sure what to do; I don't have a ton of money lying around to go out and buy some buildings, so this is gonna get interesting.
    On to the pics:
 Here's the entire Castro-regime force: 25 rifles, 3 MG teams, 3 heavy weapons teams (Blowpipes in actuality, but will serve as either SAM, ATGM, or recoil-less rifle depending on what the scenario calls for), and 5 Officers/NCOs.  These guys will probably get some camo added and then be used for the Columbia/Venezuelas war, maybe Angola, and probably the Balkans (Serbs).
 2 of the rifle poses.
 Two more rifle poses.
 The last rifle pose (top, which is the Argentinian radioman, but unlike the Brit version sporting manpack radio, this guy only has a 'walkie-talkie') and the Blowpipe team (bottom, which is the Argentinian Blowpipe and one of the Argie engineers.  On a side note, this was my plan for the engineer pack from the get-go, and Leon at Pendraken was nice enough to take out the prone engineers, leaving me 10 kneeling engineers to go with my 10 Blowpipes).
 Two of the machine gun teams.  Basing prone guys is such a pain for me, but I think they look alright.
 Castro regime leadership, straight out of the Argie command pack.
 A shot of the cheapie palm trees I got off e-bay; straight out of the bag on the left, and with some flock on the base on the right.  I'm loving these, and they open up a whole lot of new scenarios for my wargaming from WWII to present.
 I mentioned I didn't base my CLA guys because I ran out of pennies, but here are some shots nevertheless.  Again, I used Pendraken US Vietnam range, so here you have guys out of the officers pack (top) and M-79 grenadiers (bottom).  These guys will be my CLA regulars coming into the Bay of Pigs as well as the airborne units.  I have no idea what else I will/can use them for in the future (other than Vietnam War, but I mean in my Cuba Libre timeline).
 M-60 (top) and kneeling rifle (bottom).  Look at the green on those jungle boots (I get quite proud of myself when I'm able to do goofy stuff like that)!
 Two riflemen with M-16's, from the 'standing' and 'running' packs.
The battalion commander's arty: 81's (there are actually three of them in the pack).

I need to find me some pennies and get these guys done up.  I also need to do some Pendraken Vietnam range guys in boonie covers up for the CLA UCW guys that will be leading Popular Force units, flock all the palm trees, and get some suitable buildings, then it will be time for D-Day, February 1, 1990.


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