Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some New Stuff

    I just wanted to get a few photos up of some new stuff.

 I picked up three packs of the Hotzmat Felt Fields.  This photo shows all of them.  The three packs cover most of the 4' x 4' I have set up.
 A close up.
 I also picked up the Italian Village set (in 15mm) from Mr. Washburn's Paper Terrain.  I think it looks pretty good for a decent price.  It took me quite a while to get this done, but please understand that I'm not very handy/talented as a modeller.  But I got them together, and this photo shows everything but the set of walls (which I haven't messed with yet).
Here's the set again, showing the damaged version of each building.  The way it works is you build both versions and put them together.  When a house gets damaged (or you want to show what's inside), simply remove the top.  Pretty cool, eh?

I also bought the Rorke's Drift pack.  It looks like it will be amazing, but it's pretty daunting looking and I haven't messed with it yet.  But once it's together it looks like the hospital and commissary will be awesome (for any era) for some room clearing.  I need to get some stiff cardstock (that's not too thick) in order to pull it off as nicely as possible.


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