Sunday, January 25, 2015

The 2015 "Finish Before You Buy More" Plan, and Future Plans


A list of stuff I want to accomplish before I spend another dime on buying new lead, in no particular order:

1.  Finish 20mm Elhiem Modern skirmish troops.
2.  Finish 20mm terrain for them.
3.  Finish 20mm Valiant US (need ATGs).
4.  Finish 20mm Valiant Brits (need ATGs).
5.  Finish 20mm Valiant Germans.
6.  Finish 20mm PSC US/Brit vehicles (need to buy another set of Shermans).
7.  Finish 20mm PSC German vehicles.
8.  Finish Winter US 10mm.
9.  Finish Winter German 10mm Early Winter.
10.  Finish Winter German 10mm Late Winter.
11.  Finish Winter Russian 10mm.
12.  Finish Early War Brits 10mm.
13.  Finish Desert War Brits 10mm.
14.  Finish Desert War Germans 10mm.
15.  Rebase Modern FFL 10mm.
16.  Rebase Modern USMC 10mm.
17.  Rebase Modern WarPac 10mm.
18.  Repaint Falklands Brit 10mm.
19.  Rebase Falklands Argentinian 10mm.
20.  Rebase Modern Irregulars 10mm.
21.  Paint and base Modern 6mm WarPac (green).
22.  Paint and base Modern 6mm WarPac (khaki).
23.  Paint and base Modern 6mm NATO.
24.  Finish Modern 6mm aircraft (need magnets).
25.  Figure out what to do with all my 10mm La Petit Armee troops, to include the spare crap I have in a box in the garage.
26.  Figure out what to do with all my 10mm GHQ ACW troops.
27.  Finish my Vietnam US 10mm.
28.  Finish my Vietnam NVA 10mm.
29.  Finish my Vietnam VC 10mm.
30.  Finish painting my 6mm HR WWII infantry, and base them.
31.  Rebase my 6mm WWII vehicles.

Stuff I want to get to/get back to/keep going (that I pretty much already have):
1.  Keep going with KG Klink, WWII.
2.  Get back to All Americans, WWII.
3.  Get back to FFL, Modern.
4.  Start Solomons Campaign, WWII, with land, air, sea (capital ships), and sea (torpedo boats).
5.  Start USMC, Modern.
6.  Get back to In Country, Vietnam, at company level.
7.  Get back to Battle of Britain campaign I started years ago...
8.  Cuba Libre!
9.  Start Confederated Baltic States campaign between Liberals and Sirellists at squad, company, and brigade level with three sets of rules in three scales (20mm, 10mm, and 6mm).  Maybe even throw in some 3mm air gaming?
10.  Once my FFL campaign catches up, get into an Armageddon-style (US, Brit, France, and Israel all fighting various Islamist forces) fight in Perplakistan.
11.  Play some serious Caen, WWII, using Britton Publishers books (Jupiter, Bourgebus Ridge [Sp?], and one more who's name I can't remember) for the Brits, maybe the US too (Unternehmen Luttich and Arracourt).  Maybe 10mm, maybe 6mm, dunno.
12.  Hell on Wheels, probably in 6mm with higher echelon bases to get it moving faster.  Or play smaller fights...

Stuff I'd like to do that I don't have gear for:
1.  Some sort of modern/Cold War-era Naval stuff, probably in 1/3000.
2.  Some sort of Israeli stuff, probably in 3mm, maybe 67, 73, or 82, or maybe even a fictional.
3.  Some sort of US vs Soviet, in the US, maybe 6mm or 3mm, using older stuff, like M-60s vs T-62s, the campaign played out on a map of the States ("dammit, Iowa just fell to the Russkies!"), with air gaming as well.
4.  Some sort of re-fight of the Falklands, except it has brutal, drawn out fighting.
5.  Some sort of re-fight of Desert Storm, except is has brutal, drawn out fighting.
6.  Some massive fictionalized American Civil War, but with Napoleonic troops (weapons, uniforms).  Don't know if 10mm or 6mm for this.
7.  Some big ass Colonial campaign, probably in 10mm, but possibly 6mm, that hits them all: NW Frontier, Sudan, Egypt, Zulus, Boers, hell, maybe just make some up, but follow some unit through all of them.
8.  I'd like to get into 28mm Pulp (20's and 30's era) stuff at some point, maybe 30's Gangsters too.  Maybe 60's spy stuff as well...  My kids dig it whenever I look on the net, and I think the wife would like it too.
9.  Someday I've got to get into the Peter Pig classic AK-47 Republic.  I don't mean with those rules necessarily (probably not, I've got too many sets I'm already comfortable with), and maybe not in Africa, maybe "Banana Republic" in South/Central America, but the concept: real old to real new gear, multiple factions, shifting alliances/allegiances, various non-military aspects affecting the fighting (monetary, religious, political, fame, etc...).  The only thing that bothers me about this is that I seem set on doing it with PP 15mm, and I hate 15mm!  But those PP modern lines look so damned good, and it needs to be bigger than my usual 10mm (or 6mm) as I want to be able to see the characters.  I'd thought about 20mm (still am, I guess), but I want lots of stuff on the table, and I probably can't afford it in 20mm...

There will be more to come, this list will be updated.



  1. Lots of projects mate, 20mm plastics are quite good, especially the new Zvezda moderns

    1. Yes Sir, but I imagine that, deep down, in places you don't mention, you've got a similar list ;)

      I'll have to take a look at the 20mm modern vehicles, though it scares me a little as that 20mm modern stuff is only for skirmishing, not full on fights! That's what I have 6 and 10mm for, right? Right? I really can't keep it straight anymore ;)


  2. 15mm is the one true scale and moderns are ridiculously well supported there. Between PP, Command Decision and QRF, all your AK47 imagi-nation needs should be well covered.

    Also, would Kruschev really take Iowa? Heck, would the US take it back? I suppose it's better than New Jersey though :-)

    Modern USMC against who? The sandboxes or something fictional?

    1. Ivan, I got in first - 20mm is the one true scale! If I tell Jack often enough, I am hoping he will be forced to see it is true :-)

  3. Listen to you, "the one true scale." Your tricks won't work on me, Commissar! But that PP stuff looks so damned cool!

    Kruschev; I'm thinking a little later, probably Brezhnev, and Iowa is sacred US territory, of course we're coming to get it back, ya communist!

    Modern USMC, eh? Well, it's a little embarrassing as I've got a bit of overlap. See, I came up with this idea to run an early or mid-90s USMC MEU through a bunch of fictitious fights, coming all the way up to present. These guys are the reason I actually asked you to come up with the war generator, so they'd have places to go and people to see ;)

    But then I got a wild hair to do up some French Foreign Legion in the early/mid-90s, so I kind of have two different forces in the same era with the same concept ('fire-fighting' around the world). Yeah, I'm not all that smart sometimes (leave it alone)...


  4. PP is great though they do have the Jay Leno look going on.

    You know, I did include like 4 different campaign styles in NEIS, even if you use them with something else. Could even link them together somehow.. do a short campaign with the marines, do one with the FFL, do one with ..whoever is next.
    Chain each together in some sort of "world on fire" storyline.

  5. Yeah, I've noticed that too, but the modern stuff still looks great (in my humble opinion). I'm not nearly as big a fan of their WWII stuff, mostly because all the rifles look too short to me.

    Oh, and I am well aware of the different campaigns brother, I'm all over it.

    On a separate note, I've been thinking about USMC in Desert Storm, except the Iraqis put up the fight everyone was expecting, not the real life roll-over. The only question is, how to pull this off without air support (which would, as in real life, make it not a very game-able fight)?

    "Damn, Bob, that's the 53rd day in row the Marines' air support was grounded due to bad weather. In the desert." Doesn't seem like it will work. The surface to air threat is super duper great is the only other idea I've come up with. I have no problem pretending the T-72s were a match for the M-1 Abrams, which is what I'd be using. Not M-60s as I don't have any, though I suppose I could get some, though I just pledged to not buy anything else until I've got a handle on everything in my possession...


  6. The stance I take on it is that despite the crushing air campaign, there were still plenty of ground troops taking shots at Iraqi tanks, though they did so at scattered packets of them rather than anything resembling a coherent force.

    If we're playing a platoon-company-battalion, then those packets of tanks are what we are going to have anyways :)

    The toys you put on the table are the ones that survived the air campaign.

    Id probably tweak the scenarios a bit to be fewer open field fights and more rooting infantry out of urban areas, to fit the flavour of the campaign better too.

  7. Maybe the air campaign wasn't as effective as everyone hoped, Iraqi Air Force didn't run (at least contested the battlespace so ground attack aircraft couldn't loiter low and slow), the Iraqis made extensive use of camouflage (engineer scoop outs with overhead cover that baffled IR/thermal), etc...

    Hard to do the urban stuff if I want to stick to the Desert Storm gameplan: the massive casualties concept was predicated on the 'rivers of fire and death' the Iraqis were supposed to have caused when Allies crossed the berm into the minefields, superior arty, and trench lines of the enemy.


    1. Well, if we assume that the Iraqi's stand and fight more than they did, that already makes a big difference.
      Even inferior AA units can seriously inhibit air support simply because the air units have to take it into account.

      The drop from "unopposed" to "interdicted" is pretty big.

  8. "Well, if we assume that the Iraqi's stand and fight more than they did, that already makes a big difference."
    Well, of course, but if we don't it's not much of a game ;)

    And you're right about the AA threat, I'm just looking at every possible angle, and the more the better, to explain it away to a decent fight.

    We'll see, but this is quite a ways off in any case. In the more immediate future, you've got a batrep to read.


  9. Jack, in the things you would like to get back to, you left out Operation Jupiter - I think you only have 28 scenarios to go!