Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Bit of a Diversion


Well, for the first time in ages I got in a fight against a live opponent.  It's been so long since I played against a person that I wasn't sure what to do; but I charged in anyway.  I set the table, picked out two simple, equal forces (each side had an HQ stand and 9 tanks), and started explaining 5Core Company Command to my opponent, who'd never played an actual wargame previously.

He seemed to grasp as much as he needed to for us to start, and so we took our positions at the head our armies.

General Nikkolai Makarov providing a pep talk to his men.  Sure he's a bit young (5 1/2 yrs), but he's as deadly as they come (when it comes to rolling dice).

A look at the table, 9 tanks and a CO each.  For our purposes, tanks are tanks, and I kept it real simple: firing on target in the open was 1K 1S, add a K if firing on flank/rear, subtract K if target in cover.

He starts the game, rolls up a normal activation, moves up three tanks, who fire on three of my tanks.  Two of my tanks get smoked (two white puffs on tanks) right off the bat, while the third takes a near miss and splits town (far left puff of smoke is where he was).

My return fire manages a pin (yellow bead) and a hunker (red bead).  I had rolled a firefight, then so did he...

He rolls dice again, and I'm now down four of my nine tanks (two KO, two ran off map), and one is hunkering.  He has yet to lose a vehicle.

Having the time of his life, blowing up all Daddy's tanks.

The funny thing is, he couldn't roll a rally, continuing to roll 1s and 6s.  He failed three rallies in a row.

He's bold, charging over the bridges to take on my beat up tanks, and now I've failed three rally attempts too...

I'm under siege on both flanks, and don't have anything in the the center.  My tank (bottom left, w/red bead) failed its rally and ran off the table...

All I have left now is one tank and my CO (far right, behind buildings) and he's got me fairly surrounded.

He still can't rally anyone.  I've never seen such an inability to roll a 3-5.  That's great for me in terms of his rallies, but 1s and 6s do damage in shooting...

He beats up on my last tank, and I fail another rally, game over.  I ended up with three KO tanks and six that ran.  I knocked out one of his tanks and immobilized two others.  The kid's got it!

We had quite a bit of fun, in about 45 minutes of game time.

I should have another KG Klink written up today or tomorrow.



  1. Aw, that's adorable :-)
    Playing games with kids is the best. (and they have crazy luck in games too)

  2. Ha! Your children have the same luck mine do. It is a worldwide conspiracy I tell you :-) At least they will grow of out it eventually, then just beat you with better tactics!

    Actually seems like it was loads of fun, as it usually is playing with children. Without preconceptions on what can and cannot be done, they do the craziest things...that just seem to work, damn them!

  3. Yeah, it was a lot of fun, and I can't wait til he gets older and we can get into it for real.

    But that's all he's talking about now: "Daddy, when can we have another battle? I really like having a battle, can we do it now?"