Thursday, March 16, 2017

Peter Pig 15mm Marines for Britton Publishers' SOF Warrior


Well, if you're looking at (one of) my blog(s), you probably realize I'm a huge fan of Ivan Sorensen's 5Core series of rulesets; at last count I've played almost 200 fights using them.  But recently I wanted to play some games of elite troops against waves of low quality bad guys, and so I looked in on Ben Lacy's "SOF Warrior" set of rules, and I'm loving them.  They're a bit grittier than my normal style, but I've streamlined some of the various modifiers and, more importantly, with a few games under my belt it's all getting pretty familiar to me.  In any case, the activation system works really well for the type of fight I'm looking for, so I plan to keep going with them.  I'm so committed to continuing with these that I bought some new troops just to play these rules.

Now you're probably wondering, 'Jack, what the hell are you talking about, new troops just to play these rules?'  Well, I'm glad you asked ;)  In this game 'posture' is important to the game: your troops can be prone, kneeling, standing, moving, crouching, etc...  Now, there are other rules that do this as well, and whether playing these or those, most sane folks will choose to use chits/markers to show their figures' postures.  But me, I wanted to go a bit further, so I went and bought some more Peter Pig modern US Marines suited to the task.  I have a total of eight troops, and each 'man' has five separate figures to represent him on the tabletop: each man has a standing and moving guy, a standing and shooting guy, a kneeling and shooting guy, a prone guy, and a casualty figure.

Again, you don't have to do this to play these rules, and even so, I still don't have everything (I could use a crouching and moving figure, and a prone crawling figure for everyone), but it will have to do.

Here's the whole mess, a total of forty figures to put eight dudes on the board ;)

There are two four-man fireteams, each with a team leader with M-16, an automatic rifleman with SAW, a scout with M-16 an ACOG, and an assistant automatic rifleman with M-16.  1st team has black helmets, 2nd team has tan, and everyone is wearing black baklavas and yellow boots and gloves, which makes them look a lot more uniform than my intent.  Every guy in each team has a different base uniform color, and two of each four-man team is wearing a camo uniform, but there the uniqueness ends.  I tried my usual three-different skin tones, but it really didn't work with the black baklavas, so everyone's looking a bit pink.

I suppose I didn't have to do up a specific casualty figure for each man, but, as you probably know, I like playing campaigns where I follow a certain, specific group of guys from fight to fight, and so having the unique casualty figures helps me track who got hit and what happened to him.

Another look at the group.  I did them up with a tan basing to be used in temperate and desert climates.

This is the first time I actually didn't base everyone; I never base my casualty figures, but previously I've always based prone guys.  I didn't here, we'll see how it works out.

Last group shot, then we get to a bunch of random closeups.

Team 2's leader, the moving figure.

Same guy, his prone figure.  I actually didn't make the team leader (or anyone else) a grenadier as I wasn't sure if there were prone grenadier figures or not.  There are, and, since I didn't include any grenadiers on my teams, I actually had the pleasure of snipping the tubes off...

Team 2's SAW gunner, standing and firing pose.

Team 2's Scout, kneeling pose.

Same dude, other side.

Team 2's assistant gunner, kneeling pose.

Team 1's leader, standing and firing.

Team 1's automatic rifleman, kneeling.

Team 1's Scout, standing and firing.

Team 1's Scout, moving up.  Can't really see it, but I put a cool tiger stripe camo on him.

Team 1's Scout, casualty figure.

Team 1's assistant gunner, standing and moving.

Team 1's assistant gunner, prone.

Again, where you can see I had to cut the M-203 tube off his rifle...


Team 1's leader, prone.  A cool pose, up on an elbow.


Team 2's leader, casualty figure.

Team 2's SAW gunner, standing and moving.

Team 1's leader, kneeling.

The whole group, along with the vehicles I painted up this past weekend.

That's it for now, we'll see if I can't get some gaming in this weekend.



  1. What an great idea...reminds me of the set up for Normandy Firefight. Nice paint work as always!

    1. Thanks Jim! Not familiar with Normandy Firefight, but it's a cool concept.


  2. Great stuff- love your approach to campaign games.