Friday, March 3, 2017

15mm Khurasan DEVGRU in Arctic Uniform


I needed some Direct-Action types for my arctic good guy force, so I picked up some Khurasan shooters.  These are pretty cool; I'm actually a bit torn.  I want more of these, but I don't need more, as I've already got Direct-Action shooters for temperate and desert from Rebel Minis, and they're cool troops too.  The pack is eight guys, with eight unique poses, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me.  They paint up quick as the detail is great, and they've got cool weapons and gear.  They come with backpacks, but I stole them and used them on some other Khurasan troops I ordered (the Private Military Contractors ).  I have but two tiny complaints: first, these are some big dudes, probably about 18mm, and second, a couple of the weapons could stand just a little more definition; I actually cut one of them down.  But again, don't let that throw you, these are great troops and I want more!

Eight SOF shooters, based up and painted for some fun in the snow.

Getting to the closeups, here's the first two guys.  At left is a guy with either a SAW or MK48 machine gun, while the guy at right has an HK416.  I'm loving the optics/reflex sights and PEQ2/PAC4, as well as the Night Vision Goggles (not sure I should have used red on the lenses, but what the heck).


Next two shooters, including a 'lefty' on the left.  Both have HK416s; the guy on the right looks to have an M320 grenade launcher, not sure about the guy on the left.

The guy on the left could have an M320, or maybe a flashlight, or maybe even one of the 'Master Key' shotguns?

Two more shooters with HK416s.  Great detail, great poses.


The next two guys.  We've got another 'lefty' on the right, and the weapon on the left is the one I cut down.  It was really long, with the end of the muzzle looking like a really large flash suppressor, but too short to be a suppressor.  It reminded me of an M-14, but it had a really long optic (like a hunting scope) and the magazine looked like a machine gun box.  I cut the muzzle and optic down and will use as a SAW/Mk48.

And the reverse of those two.

So, that's my next force completed.  I now have enough Western forces for a fight in the snow, but no bad guys done yet, which needs to be remedied.  Stay tuned for more troops and hopefully some batreps.



  1. Your output is frightening! I'm starting to get-to-grips with my 1939-40 Heer. Here are some Panzer Is:

    1. Gareth,

      The only thing frightening is how much I still need to paint! ;) Your 10mm (Minifigs always pitches itself as 12mm I guess) Pz Is look great.


  2. Looking good Jack. Some bad hombres there!

  3. Those are some great little figures. Nice work.