Monday, March 13, 2017

15mm Modern Vehicles, Including More From Bashytubits


No gaming again this past weekend, but I did have a pretty productive weekend in terms of painting and basing.  I've got three posts this week (this is the first) to document what I finished, though I made a lot of progress on a bunch of other stuff as well.  First up is a bunch of 15mm modern vehicles from three different manufacturers: three from Bashytubits' 3D Printer, two from QRF, and three from Old Glory's Command Decision range.

The whole group, with more to come: a Leopard II and two Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicles from Bashytubits, two French VABs from QRF, and three M-113 armored personnel carriers from Old Glory.

Looking head on.  You can see I did the German vehicles in NATO three-tone, which, in all the pictures looked kinda faded.  I did the French VABs in crisper, more vibrant NATO three-tone, and I did the M-113s in plain old medium green, to fit in for Vietnam and various 3rd World country backwaters.

Other side.

Let's take a look at the Leopard II.  A great looking model, fantastic detail.

Looking at the starboard quarter.

The port quarter.

The left side.

Moving up and engaging right.  I have a bad habit of gluing turrets in place; I'm working on breaking that.

Then swinging the turret back t'other way.

One more before we move on.

To the Marders.  This was the main West German IFV through the Cold War, still in service, has deployed to Afghanistan with NATO/ISAF.  Another great model that I'm glad to have, but not quite as crisp as the Soviet stuff I've painted up, or the Leopard II.

Flipped around to the other side.

Port quarter.

And starboard quarter.

On to the QRF vehicles, two French VABs.  I went back and forth for hours on whether to paint this for temperate or desert, but then I looked online, and most of the pics I found for Operation Serval (current French deployment into Mali and surrounding areas) showed plenty of NATO three-tone.  So there you go.

Close up of the right side, with a 7.62mm machine gun up top.

The other VAB, which has a Peter Pig machine gunner up top.

Fore and aft.  A nifty little vehicle.

And finishing up with my platoon of M-113s.  Not much to look at, but that's my fault for painting them so plain!  They're cool little castings.

Left, rear, and right.

A close up of the right side.


A look at the left side.

And finishing up with the tail end of an M-113.

Well, that's all for now.  I'm looking at going big; that is, I've been playing quite a bit of skirmish fights later, and I'm looking to play some bigger fights with vehicles on the table, which made stuff like this group necessary.  I've still got a bunch more sitting on the painting table (an M-1 Abrams, four Bradleys, two more Marders, three Challengers, and three Warriors), and I'd like to pick up some more stuff (some AAVs from Irishserb, and some more Soviet and NATO stuff from Bashytubits).

Next post of finished stuff is a (very) little bit of French and Austrian Napoleonics, then back to moderns with some more Peter Pig Marines painted and based up to play Ben Lacy's "SOF Warrior" rules.



  1. Looking good Jack! How do you rate the bashytubits models? Im tempted to buy the BTRs for that price. I bought some stuff from butlers printed models already and like them.

    1. Steve,

      Thanks man. The Soviet stuff I got is pretty good; still the striations from the process, but nothing I can't live with on the table. Did you see this?


  2. Nice stuff. Take a look at Butlers Printed Models for 3d printed stuff as well.

    The older companies who are not willing to move into the new materials will start to suffer.