Wednesday, March 15, 2017

La Petite Armee 10mm Napoleonics For Sale


Here is a catalog of what I have:

British and Dutch completed (12 man infantry brigades, 3 figure cavalry brigades):
7 British Line
2 British Rifles
2 British Lights
2 Scottish Highlanders
3 British Guards
2 Dutch Line
2 British Dragoons
2 British Light Dragoons
1 British Hussar (Busby)
1 Scots Greys
1 British Blues
1 Dutch Hussars
2 British Horse Artillery
1 British Foot Artillery
1 Dutch Foot Artillery

Coalition completed:
4 Prussian (one Grenadier, three Line)
2 Prussian Hussars
1 Prussian Cuirassiers
1 Prussian Horse Artillery
4 Austrian (one Grenadier, three Line)
2 Austrian Hussars
1 Austrian Cuirassiers
2 Austrian Foot Artillery
4 Russian (one Grenadier, three Line)
2 Russian Hussars/Mounted Jaegers
2 Russian Foot Artillery

**Incomplete, meaning not based:
1 12-figure brigade of Light Infantry each for Prussians, Austrians, and Russians
Enough for another 11 3-figure cavalry brigades (1 Dutch, the rest Prussian, Austrian, and Russian)
Some extra guns and various command stands and Lieutenants, and I think there is a Prussian Foot Artillery stand floating around, just need to find it.

French and Allies completed:
9 French Line infantry
2 French Legere
2 French Young Guard
2 French Middle Guard
2 French Old Guard
2 French Cuirrassiers
2 French Guard Grenadier a Cheval
2 French Hussars
2 French Chasseurs a Cheval
2 French Dragoons
2 French Horse Artillery
3 French Foot Artillery
2 Bavarian Line infantry
1 Bavarian Chevauxleger
2 Italian Line infantry
1 Italian Chasseurs a Cheval
2 Saxon Line infantry
1 Saxon Cuirassiers
2 Polish Line infantry
2 Polish Lancers

**Incomplete, meaning not based:
1 12-figure Bavarian Light Infantry brigade
2 French Cuirassiers
2 French Dragoons
2 French Hussars
2 French Chasseurs a Cheval
1 Italian Chasseurs a Cheval
1 Bavarian Chevauxleger
1 Saxon Cuirassiers
A bunch of extra guns and command stands and Lieutenants

Now for some pics and links:

All the British and Coalition stuff.
Closeup of some British Guards to show detail, but they ARE NOT based like this anymore, they are based 12-men per stand.

Brit Horse Artillery, but they ARE NOT based like this anymore.  Now it's two guns and one horse-mounted figure (or two infantry figures for Foot Artillery) on one base.

Prussian Hussars, but they ARE NOT based like this anymore, they are now 3 figures and a flag on a single base.

The French and their allies (Polish, Italians, Bavarians, and Saxons).

French Old Guard, which are now 12-man and a flag per base.

Polish Lancers, now three figures and a flag per base.

Here's what they look like now (re-based), with 12 infantry, 3 cavalry, or two guns per base.

A closer look, with some Polish Lancers charging some Dutch Line Infantry supported by the British commander.

Well, that's everything.  I'm open to offers to offload this stuff as I've moved on; staying with 10mm, but I want troops based up as battalions I can change formations with, rather than 'brigade' basing.  I'd be ashamed to tell you how much I paid for all this, being that I bought them pre-painted from Gunner at La Petite Armee, and I'm not really yet ready put out an asking price.  I'd like to sell everything at once, and, as always, the more you buy the deeper the discount; I will sell out parcel pieces, but it's got to be somewhat proportionate, meaning you can't buy all my French, leaving me with no one to oppose my British/Coalition, or you can't buy only my Austrian cavalry, but leave me with the infantry.  If I'm left with stuff, I need to be able to play a game with it.

You can contact me below, in the comments section, via PM at TMP, or via e-mail (big jack mac -a t- hot mail -d o t- com).  Thanks for looking.



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