Monday, April 6, 2015

Some Re-, Re-, Re-Done Napoleons


Happy (Belated) Easter!  If Easter is not your thing, please mentally erase the first few words of this post.  I do bring the holiday up because it meant that not much got taken care of this weekend with regards to wargaming.  To my chagrin, I did not play a single game; I suppose I shouldn't have slept ;)  Aside from celebrating Easter all day Sunday with family and friends, Saturday morning the older of my boys had a baseball game (he was player of the game!), and some of you may know that my wife is Buddhist, and their New Year just started, so after baseball the rest of the day was spent at the temple for Songkhran festival.  So, no games, but I did manage to get some troops prepped.

Let's take a look.  I spent the bulk of my limited wargame time re-basing my 10mm Napoleonics for yet another project in service of the Commissar.  This really hurt, because these are the only troops I've ever bought that someone else painted for me, and they came based 12 infantry and 6 cavalry to a stand.  I then pulled them off those and based them differently.  Then I did it again.  And now I went a put them back on 12 infantry to a stand, though only 3 cavalry to a stand.  So, it was a lot of work to return to their roots...

The whole shebang, with French and their allies on top, and the Allies on the bottom.

All the French on the right, their Allies on the left.  The French have:
9 Line stands
2 Old Guard stands
2 Middle Guard stands
1 Young Guard stand
18 Legere/Young Guard skirmish stands

2 Cuirassier stands
2 Dragoon stands
2 Hussar stands
2 Chasseur stands
2 Grenadier a Cheval stands
1 Guard Lancer (Polish) stand

2 Line infantry stands
6 Light Infantry skirmish stands
1 Chevauxleger light cavalry

2 Line infantry stands
1 Chasseur stan
2 Line infantry stands
1 Dragoon stand

2 Line infantry stands
1 Lancer stand

I really love the helmeted Bavarians.

The Polish Lancers and line infantry, with the Saxons above them.

The light infantry skirmish stands, along with some command stands ('lieutenants' on left, Corps/Wing commander to their right, and the Army Commander at far right).

French infantry and artillery  Elite infantry have red plumes, line have white.  The arty is three foot stands and two horse stands.

French infantry.  You can see the Old Guard bearskins at top right.
More infantry and a closer look at the horse arty stands.

French cavalry, with Guard cav at top left, Cuirsassiers at top center, Chasseurs at top right, Dragoons at bottom left, Hussars at bottom center, and Guard Lancers (Polish) at bottom right.

Closer look at heavy cav.

And light cav (except the Cuirassiers at top left).


The Coalition troops, with Brits and Dutch at far left, Prussians, Austrians, then Russians.
Brit/Dutch force:
1 Grenadier stand
2 Line infantry stands
2 Highland Infantry stands
2 Dutch Line infantry stands
6 Light Infantry skirmish bases
1 Horse Guard stand (painted as Scotts Greys)
2 Dragoon stands
1 Hussar stand
1 Light Dragoon stand
1 Dutch Hussar stand
2 Horse arty stands
1 combined Brit/Dutch Foot arty stand
Various command units

The Prussians, Austrians, and Russians all have:
4 Line infantry stands
1 Grenadier infantry stand
6 Light Infantry skirmish bases
1 Dragoon stand
2 Light Cavalry (Hussar or Mounted Jaeger) stands
2 Artillery stands (Prussians have 1 Horse and 1 Foot, Austrians and Russians each have two Foot)
Various command

Brit/Dutch force (top) and Prussians (bottom).

Top left is Dutch line infantry, center is Brit elite, right is Brit line infantry.  Dragoons at bottom left, Horse Guards at bottom center.

Far left is Brit Hussars (in Busby), center are Dragoons, right are Horse Guards.

Brit/Dutch artillery, some Highlanders above them.

Brit skirmish stands, Wellington on a white horse.

Prussian cavalry.  I really like the look of their Dragoons and Death's Head Hussars.  I guess I don't really have a good shot of the Prussian infantry (top).

Top right to left, the Austrian Grenadiers (can sort of see it here, their bearskins look awesome), a Hungarian line infantry stand (with blue trousers), then Austrian line infantry.  A good look at their two foot arty stands and their Dragoons with 'caterpillar' on the helmets.

Another shot of the Austrian cav and line infantry.

The Russians, showing their infantry, foot arty, and Dragoons.

The Russian cav, with Hussars and Mounted Jaegers next to the Dragoons.

Russian light infantry with Army commander and two lieutenants.

A look at some Brits, left to right: Horse Guards, Highlanders, elite infantry.

Extras.  Mostly the extras are cavalry as I bought them with 6 figures per base, but now I'm only using 3 per base.

I did get some other stuff done as well.
I cleaned up a bunch of 6mm and 10mm troops for painting and basing.

Another look: at top left are some 6mm Leopards for my Canadians, a generous gift from my wealthy benefactor.  Below them are some WWII 6mm heavy weapons for US and German troops.  At right are 10mm troops for my 1940 campaign in France (all Pendraken).

On sticks are some 10mm Pendraken modern stuff (mostly machine guns to go with forces I've already finished, but I also a third Scimitar).  In the bags at left are a bunch more modern 10mm troops from Minifigs, which I just got cleaned up and on sticks this (Monday) evening.  The weather is warm and rainy, so very humid, meaning I can't prime anything right now...  I'll have to get up super early this weekend and get them primed when it's cool and (hopefully) dry.

So no gaming, but I did get some stuff done this weekend.  Stay tuned, more to come.



  1. I love how those napoleonic troops have kind of a glossy toy soldier look to them.
    Normally, I don't like glossy mini's but for napoleonics, it just works.
    Maybe it's just the old tin soldier feel :)

    Have you settled on which is the next campaign?

  2. They're pretty and ready to go, what did ya have in mind (I sent you an e-mail)? ;)

    Campaign??? Yes, I've decided:
    KG Klink Fall of France (Company Command)
    USMC in the 90s (CC)
    FFL in Estonia (CC)
    USMC in the Pacific (CC)
    Cuba Libre (CC)
    Various Dogfighting (GYAPWW1TMDLTGR)
    USN in the Pacific (don't have rules yet)
    Napoleon's Hundred Days (don't have rules yet)
    Baltic Communists vs Capitalists (Brigade Commander)
    NATO vs Warsaw Pact (BC)
    Israelis vs Arabs (BC, need to finish the troops)

    I think that's it for now ;)


  3. Very nice Napoleonic's I'm a 6mm wargamer in the Napoleonic's and just dabbling a bit in 28mm but l do like 10mm stuff, nice basing and paint work on these minis

    1. Thank you Sir, I appreciate it!

      I tried 6mm, but I was putting way too much detail into them, painting them like they were 15mm, and wasn't getting anywhere. There's nothing wrong with doing them that way, of course, it's just that it defeated my whole idea of "these 6mm will be much quicker than 10mm."


  4. I too planned some gaming at Easter, but did nothing. Even with no gaming, you still managed to do heaps of gaming related stuff. All I did was socialise, go to the beach, shopping, cafes etc...

    1. Shaun??? Shaun!!! Look everybody, Shaun's ALIVE!!!!

      Very happy to see you man; I was getting a bit worried a dingo ate your baby, or you'd been speared by a jellyfish, or a Hunstman had carried you off! But I'm gonna have to rough you up if you keep 'complaining' about going to the beach...

      I've managed to get a lot of work done, still moving on my pledge of not buying new stuff until I've got my lead pile finished off.

      Hope all is well, and I'm still waiting on more Operation Jupiter batreps ;)


    2. No dingos or stingrays or venomous spiders/snakes/jellyfish. Major changes at work, been tired for a while, gone of actual gaming for a few months; mojo is likely back but no time! I do have one more Operation Jupiter AAR I played in January to post. Just need to check the post over before posting.

      Hope things are well for you!

    3. Well, I'm glad to hear your're alright! Now get back to gaming ;)