Saturday, April 18, 2015

How About That for Turnaround Time

AKA, "The Real Finishing Touch for KG Klink's Fall of France."


The other day I posted I had finished up KG Klink for France, but then I ordered some more stuff, which I received this past Thursday, and I finished it up today.  So KG Klink and its opponents are now officially finished.

Once again, hats off to The Warstore.  They were super-helpful (in helping me figure out exactly what was available and getting a confusing order 100% correct) and super-speedy (ordered Tuesday, received Thursday).  Thanks a bunch!

Let's take a look.

This is everything I ordered.  Two Panzer Is, two Panzer IIs, six Panzer IIIs, three Panzer IVs, a Stug IIIC, a Sdkfz 221, a PzJgr I, and two French Char B1 bis.

On a side note, the Panzer IIIs are actually K and J models, which I modified to make F models (cut the gun off, filed down the mantle, re-attached the gun, then cut the gun down), and the Pz IVs are G models which I cut the barrels down on to make D models.  And I put a crewman figure on the 221 to cover up the open top so I can use it as a 222.

KG Klink's entire complement of vehicles (well, almost: not pictured are the two motorcycle platoons, because I only have one of them on motorcycles...): the Panzer Company is at bottom, with the armored reconnaissance platoon, the assault gun platoon, and the self-propelled anti-tank platoon at top (from left to right)

The Panzer Company, with the Company commander at far left (Pz IVD), then the four platoons in order:
1st Plt - 3 Pz IIs and 2 Pz Is
2nd Plt - 3 Pz IIIFs and 2 Pz IIIEs
3rd Plt - 3 Pz IIIFs and 2 Pz IIIEs
4th Plt - 3 Pz IVCs and 2 Pz IVDs

Another look a the Panzer Company.

Left to right:
The Armored Recon Plt - 1 Pz II, 1 Sdkfz 232, and 3 Sdkfz 222s
The Assault Gun Plt - 3 Stug IIICs
The Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Plt - 3 PzJgr Is

The French armored contingent, left to right: two Somua S-35s, three Char B1 bis (one Minifigs and two Pendraken, with the Pendraken vehicles being a bit larger than the Minifigs model.  And before you ask, I gave the three Char Bs different paint schemes because I wanted to!), and three H/R-35/39s (that is, they're whatever French light tank I need them to be).

And the British armored contingent: a Cruiser, two Matilda Is, a Matilda II, two Vickers MG tanks, and three armored cars.

The table is set, all is ready to see the end of the Sitzkrieg.



  1. Love love love those big chunky French tanks. These battles will be super interesting to watch.

  2. Yeah, this is gonna be interesting. Here's to hoping the KG makes it through the whole campaign.

    Don't think I won't cheat and bust out a Stuka or '88.' I aim to win ;)


  3. Cool stuff!

    Wasn't a Pz IV platoon only 4 tanks in the early-war times?

    1. Edzard,

      'Cool stuff!'
      Thanks man, glad you like it.

      "Wasn't a Pz IV platoon only 4 tanks in the early-war times?"
      I don't know man. I've been reading a lot about German panzer forces throughout WW2 and they are almost always referencing five tanks in a platoon, but they're not very good about specifying what types of tanks they are talking about...