Thursday, April 16, 2015

6mm WWII US and Germans


I got some more minis completed.  After years of languishing atop a bookcase, I finally got around to re-basing and finishing off some old friends.  These are Heroics and Ros 6mm WWII, US and German, for western Europe.  'Tis true that HR are not as aesthetically pleasing as GHQ, but I swear they paint up quick and look fantastic on the table, they cost less than half of GHQ, and you can order them singly (vice in packs of five).  These have a special place in my heart as the very first solo games I played, I played with these.  I used a mix-mash of rules that I wrote up myself, borrowing heavily from Nuts!, IABSM, Force on Force, Crossfire, and BKC (all the rules I owned at that time!), and playing through several scenarios of the Lardies' "Blenneville or Bust" booklet (the batreps are posted here on the blog).

Anyway, The Commissar's latest offering, "Brigade Commander," made me think of these old troops lying unwanted, and perhaps now they've got a new least on life.

The whole she-bang, Yanks on the left, Germans on the right.

The American force.

Another look.  In the front are the attachments: 3 M4 Shermans, 3 M-36 tank destroyers, 3 M7 Priests, 6 anti-tank guns, 3 M8 recon vehicles, 3 105mm guns, 3 leaders, 3 .30 cal MGs, 3 81mm mortars, and 3 stands of engineers.  Then there is a stand of M5 Stuarts, 4 M4 Shermans (each with two 75mm guns and one 76mm gun), 1 M10 GMC, 1 105mm arty, 2 armored infantry (halftracks), 12 infantry stands, 1 command stand, and a P-47 Thunderbolt.

The Germans are set up the same way, pretty much identical, as my goal was to have two forces to match up equally as a whole, but vary according to the scenario.

Close ups of Sherman, Jackson, and Priest attachments.

ATGs and recon.

Arty, leaders, and mortars.

Mortar, MGs, and engineers.

Close-ups of the multi-based stands, showing light tanks, medium tanks, armored infantry, and foot-sloggers.

More medium tanks and infantry.

Infantry, medium tanks, M10 Wolverines, and arty.

Infantry, the command stand, and the Jug.

The German force: attachments are Stug IIIs, Tigers, Wespes, ATGs, Skdfz 234 recon armored cars, 10.5cm arty, leaders, then four MGs and four mortars (no engineers, they'll be handled at the stand level).  One stand of Pz Mk IIIs, two of Pz Mk IVs (long 75, but no schurzed), two of Stugs, one arty, two panzergrenadier, one of Marder IIs, twelve infantry, one command stand, and one FW-190.

Attachments: Stugs, Tigers, and Wespes.

ATGs and recon.

Arty, leaders, and MG42s.

MGs and mortars.

Stands of Panzer IIIS and IVs, mech infantry, and foot infantry.

Stugs, Marders, and infantry.

Again, but with arty this time.

Infantry, the command stand, and the Focke-Wulf.

I will look to get them on the table when I can, and Lord only knows when that will be.



  1. I look forward to when you get them on the table as well. I feel bad as I only game ww2 in 2 scales (6mm and the one true ww2 scale). I feel I have to invest in at least one to two more scales to really say i am a proper ww2 gamer!

  2. You're only missing 10mm ;) I still haven't finished up my 20mm, don't know if I ever will at this rate.

    You should feel bad! Laying on beaches while the rest of us are busy gaming.