Sunday, December 31, 2017

Peter Pig WWII 15mm Japanese Machine Guns


Back to WWII, for my planned Pacific war campaigns.  Previously I'd posted Japanese infantry from Eureka Miniatures; I didn't buy Type 92 machine guns from them as I was not enamored with them from the pics of the Eureka website, they looked a bit weedy.  But I've since learned that sometimes those pics don't do the troops and weapons justice, and I'm very happy with all my Eureka troops.  Having said that, I'm also very happy with my Peter Pig troops, which is where my Guadalcanal to end of war US Marines came from, so while I bought the riflemen from Eureka I went to Peter Pig for the Type 92 machine guns, and they're great.

The entire pack is eight figures: three gunners, three A-gunners, and two gun-team leaders.  I painted them up and based them the same as my previous Japanese.

A look at the guns.


And now the loaders/assistant gunners.  The gun was fed by 7.7mm rounds from a stripper clip, which is what you see these guys holding.


And a look at the team leaders, clutching binoculars with swords sheathed at their sides.

Fore and aft.  The detail is great on these guys.

A look at a gun team 'in action.'


From behind.

Opposite quarter.

Up front.

Top down.

And then a comparison pic with the Eureka troops.  The Eureka guys are a bit taller and a bit thicker, but not terribly so, and I'll gladly have these guns supporting the infantry.

Another comparison pic.

So, with this group finished I've got enough guys to play out an initial USMC vs Japan campaign in the very early war (probably the Philippines) and Guadalcanal, but then I've got some more painting to do to get the next batch of Marines ready in their green-side out camouflage.


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