Sunday, December 31, 2017

15mm Eureka Minis Modern Russians Painted as 1980s PLA


So I haven't gotten any gaming in (yet), but I've been painting my butt off!  So I've got quite a few posts to make about paint jobs I've recently finished, but a couple of them are actually not for me.  This one, for example, is for my good buddy Jimmi in The Land Down Under.  I hope you like them!

**EDIT: Jimmi, send me an e-mail, something's wrong, I just sent six (trying different things) and they're all being blocked.  Maybe your spouse doesn't want us chatting anymore? ;)

These troops are Eureka Miniatures Russians from the Chechen War-era, which I've painted up as Chinese People's Liberation Army from the 1980s to 1990s (up until they switched over to the QBZ-95), wherein their standard battle rifle was an AK knock-off known as the Type 81.

The whole mess, 28 guys, including three crew-serves.  I painted them up in a nifty camo light green camo that seemed pretty prevalent in the 1980s, and gave them somewhat neutral basing.  I'm sure hoping to see them used for some fights in tropical, Southwest Pacific, climes ;)

First up is a rifleman advancing pose, of which there are four sculpts.  The lighting is terrible, haven't seen the sun in a week.  Let me try getting closer...

That's better, I think.  A close up of one of the troops from the last photo.

Next rifleman pose, with a folding stock rifle.

A rifleman engaging the enemy.  I really like this pose.

And then the classic, rifle range off-hand pose.

Then we've got the Chinese Type 80 machine gun, a knock-off of the Russian PKM.


One more machine gunner (left), and the boss, an officer.


Here we've got a troop with a Type 81 and grenade launcher.

Another guy with Type 81 and underslung grenade launcher, advancing.

Two poses of guys with their rifles slung and a PF-89 rocket launcher.

Reverse; you can see the folding stock Type 81 at left.

Here we have the Chinese LG3 40mm grenade launcher.


Then we have a Chinese 82mm mortar crew.


And lastly we have the Chinese Type 89 12.7mm heavy machine gun.


Another angle.

And one more.

Well Jimmi, I hope you like them brother, and I hope this means you're able to play some games straight out of the box (I know you've already got the terrain)!  Lots more posts of freshly finished troops coming up; next up are Darryl's US SOF for the Middle East.



  1. woohoooo , just saw this ! .... already know what mischief these will get up to ...hehehe , there is a diamond mine in outback Australia I think they want ... thanks Mister ! will PM now . This completely rocks !

    1. Jimmi,

      Excellent, I'm glad to hear you like them, and like I said, hopefully this means you're able to get some games in straight out of the box, you should have plenty of guys for each side.

      Sorry it took so long, but we shipped them last Tuesday, so they'll soon be in your hands.