Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Forces for Modern Middle East Part 7 - Peter Pig Warsaw Pact


Next up on the blog are some Peter Pig 15mm Warsaw Pact infantry, which I've painted up for modern (modern being very elastic in this case, perhaps 1967 to present?) Middle Eastern regulars.

I shouldn't post this yet as I'm not done; I've got some RPK LMGs and RPGs lying around in bare metal still that will be used to fill these guys out, but here's what I've got done.

Nice, crisp sculpts that are easy to paint up.  From "52. Beret AK47 R/P".

I like the berets, gives them a little flair ;)

Last beret (each pack has eight guys in three poses).

Some regulars in helmet, from "62. Russian Helmeted AK47".

Kneeling, from the same pack.

Last guy from this pack.

So, that's it so far.  As per before, I actually finished painting these prior to starting Team Whiskey, but just now got around to posting them.  This is all I have so far for the Middle East, though I've got some Flytrap Factory Brits that are almost done, and I'm working on figuring out what to do with some Flytrap Factory USMC.  I've also got three HMMWVs from them, and two magnificent AAVs from Irishserb.  Oh, and some Flytrap Factory Taliban.  

Soon I'll post my minis for modern Africa.



  1. I didn't even know PP did Warpac troopers. I'll have to grab some.

    I had high hopes for the Eureka ones but they're way too big.

  2. Yeah man, and getting them from Brookhurst Hobbies is a breeze, in your mailbox in a couple days.

    The Eureka figs are big??? I keep finding myself on their website, drooling on the Russkies with motorcycle helmets, the Chechens, and the Aussies. Really??? Man, that sucks.


    1. Yeah, I've bought from Brookhurst for years, no fuss ever.
      Reminds me that I have like 5 packs of French Foreign legion that I got and completely misplaced :(

      Mind that I only have the soviet motor rifles they did, but they are easily a head taller than my QRF figures and QRF is about to size with Peter Pig.

      On that note though, while they are a tad small, the Eureka australians are absolutely amazing figures. Easily some of the best 15mm I've ever seen.
      They have modern/Chechnya Russians too.

    2. Shit, I'm a moron. I meant to say "Khurasan" originally, not Eureka.

      The Eureka figures will be fine with PP. A tiny bit small but not noticeable at all.
      I meant to say that the KHURASAN figures are too big.

    3. Gotcha. Like I said, I keep finding myself on the Eureka website. It starts with, "I'll just get a couple pack." Then it moves to, "well, they've got to have somebody to fight, and while I'm here I may as well..." It ends with, "I can't, my wife will kill me. But I want them. But I shouldn't. Dammit!!!" Then I close the browser and do it again the next night...