Monday, November 23, 2015

Forces for Modern Africa Part 3 - Rebel Minis' Rebels


Part Three of my modern forces for Africa has arrived, and these are once again Rebel Minis from the 'Bongolesia' battle box, which is a super deal containing almost 30 government troops, four contractors/mercenaries, and almost 30 rebels/freedom fighters.  This installment deals with the rebels, to whom I've also attached four Special Forces types left over from the Rebel Minis Special Forces pack I bought (and posted previously, here:  The SF guys are trained in unconventional warfare and are here to train and organize the rebels.

So, in the scenario background I have floating around in my head, you have a government element and a rebel element, with the gov't troops trying to maintain power and the rebels trying to take over power.  The gov't hires some mercenaries to help train and organize them, while a sympathetic country sends in SF guys to train and organize the rebels.  There's one more piece to the puzzle, but that will be in my next post.

The whole force, consisting of four Special Forces guys and twenty-seven rebels, all from Rebel Minis and based for Central Africa.

Up first are the four SF guys.  These are all clean, crisp sculpts, easy to paint up.  I didn't use them for my desert Special Forces because I wanted all those guys to have helmets on; these four have bush hats.

You've got a leader with pistol, a guy with an M4-type carbine, a guy with field glasses and slung MP5, and  a guy talking on a radio with slung MP5.  I did them up in US-style Woodland cammies, turned out pretty good I think, though I'm not as happy with the brown color for the vests/gear.

Lets get to the rebels.
And what would a rebel force be without RPGs?  This force is good to go as it has three.  So, right off the bat you can see I did the rebels up as a ragtag force wearing a wild mixture of different military and civilian clothing.  The rockets here look a bit bulbous, but they look fine on the table.

Next three guys, riflemen toting the ubiquitous AK-47, and no sleeves to prove they've got tickets to the gun show...

Three more guys, this time in a good kneeling position.  As with the government troops, this pack has an awesome array of poses.

Three riflemen moving forward.

Three riflemen standing their ground.

Three more on the move.

Three guys firing from the offhand.

Three dudes double-timing it forward.  I really like this pose, and you probably can't tell because there's no one else to reference it against, but this guy is a bit bigger than his buddies.  I like it; everybody shouldn't be the same size.

Some sort of honcho dude, with cowboy hat.  He's the big boss.

Oh crap, I forgot about these!  When I bought my stuff from Rebel Minis, I bought the Bongolesia box and I bought an Ambush Alley Box (Operation Dark Star).  The Bongolesia box came with the hostage on the left, and the Ambush Alley box came with the guy on the right.


Oh, more bonus content: these are Peter Pig casualty figures ().  Real quick job on these: primed green, black boots, flesh, pick out some equipment with a sand color, then throw some red on and fini.

Well, that's that.  I didn't receive my 20mm figs this weekend, so I'm still not ready to start my Balkans campaign (fingers crossed they get here by Wednesday and I can paint them up Friday and play Saturday), but I've been working on other stuff to post here, so stay tuned.


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