Friday, November 20, 2015

Forces for Modern Africa Part 2 - Peter Pig French Foreign Legion


Part two of my 15mm troops for Modern Africa leads us to some Peter Pig Modern French, which I've painted up as Legion Etrangere.  I bought four packs of eight figs: one of officers, one of Squad Automatic Weapons (SAWs), one of riflemen in helmets, and one of riflemen in berets.  My force here is 16 troops; I split the overall force down the middle in order to do one in temperate camo and one for the desert (which is not painted yet, still need to get to that).

Here's the whole force: 16 troops, which break down to four guys from each pack.  Four SAWs in 16 troops sounds a bit high, but I'll get over it.  Such is life ordering packs of eight ;)

First up, the officers, which really breaks down into three leader-looking guys and a radioman (far left).  Here you see that I've thrown these guys into camouflage utilities; regretfully I admit I am not happy with my cammie uniforms, but I'm too lazy/busy to go back and re-do them.  I used three colors: a light green, a dark green, and a reddish brown.  It's not that it looks bad, it just doesn't look right for the French cammie uniform.

Two other things: I put helmet covers on about half of the helmeted troops, and, for the first time, I tried using different skin tones.  The African Gov't troops in the last post were dark skinned, but for the French I decided to use three different tones: a bright color for Caucasians, a medium color suitable (I hope) for various Middle Eastern/North African/Asian/Hispanic, and a dark tone for African, all mixed in the same unit.  Nothing ground breaking, but I think it looks good and is pretty cool for representing the Legion.

Reverse of the Officers.  Here you can see I also put these guys in flak jackets/body armor.

The SAW gunners.  I like the poses, but the weapons themselves look just a little stubby.

Reverse of the SAW gunners.

Riflemen in berets; of course, these are my favorite.  Really good, clean sculpts, easy to paint up, and look fantastic.  You guys can let me know if the color I used on the berets looks right.

The other side.

And the riflemen in helmets.  The FAMAS may be a little stubby too, technically speaking, but they look great to me, very nicely sculpted.

Reverse of the helmeted riflemen.

Ah, bonus footage, I forgot!  After I took the above pics I sent off for another order of Peter Pig goodies from Brookhurst Hobbies (who are absolutely amazing, I might add).

So I picked up one of their Land Rovers (please forgive me; it's finished now, but obviously was not at the time of these photos), as well as a pack of the vehicle-mounted machine gunners.  So I painted one of the .50 caliber HMGs as FFL (also have one for the desert Legionnaires).

Another look.  Pretty cool, they have their own stand, so you don't even have to glue them in, which means for fight number 1 I can roll the Land Rover for the French in a temperate environment, then for fight number 2 I can roll out the Land Rover with an African Militia member for the desert.  I like it.

Anyway, that's my French Foreign Legion troops for temperate climates, two more sets of figures for Modern Africa to go.  Looks like this is another painting weekend; I received my 20mm terrain for Spec Ops in the Balkans, but I haven't received the rest of my troops yet; I don't mean to complain, they're not late, I'm just saying I haven't gotten them yet and they need to be painted and based.  Probably get another game in with my older son though ;)



  1. They look great Jack. I bought a batch of these last Christmas and they are languishing at the bottom of my 15mm "to do" box. With all the news items showing modern French temperate camo versions on the streets of Paris, there is plenty of inspiration around.

    Good luck with the painting and enjoy any gaming opportunities.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. Thanks buddy! These will do, but I really wish I'd gotten the uniform better.