Monday, August 31, 2015

Team Whiskey - Fulda Gap Roster

Well, here's the lineup for Fulda Gap.  Coming up, ten games of WWIII-gaming goodness.

Team Whiskey, AKA  the fictional "4th Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment," which looks like a 'normal' Mech-heavy battalion task force.

Commanding Officer: LtCol Lacy, Received the Medal of Honor (F9)
Executive Officer: 

Charlie Company:  XXXX
2nd Tank Platoon: 1Lt Travers 

India Company: Captain Phillips (M-577), Received BS/V (F1), Received SS (F5)
1st Mechanized Platoon: Capt Sighe (formerly S-6, platoon reconstituted for F3) 
-Platoon wiped out (F4), Platoon reconstituted from 3rd Sqdn, 11th ACR (F5-6)
-Sgt Stone, 1st Mech Plt, India Co, received SS/V (F4)
2nd Mechanized Platoon: 1Lt Ensmith , Received SS/V, Squad Leader received posthumous DSC, heavy casualties (F1)

Elements of Weapons Company:
-1 x TOW ATGM, All four gunners and their assistants received the Bronze Star with 'V' (F1).
-1 x .M-60 MMG


1Lt Eirserbe -Received BS/V (F1); -POW, platoon wiped out (F1) 
2Lt Teigner -Received BS/V (F2); -KIA, platoon wiped out (F2)
1Lt Webster - WIA, platoon wiped out (F3)
2Lt Tinman - WIA, platoon wiped out (F3)
1Lt Macot (formerly S-4, platoon reconstituted for F3) - KIA, Received BS/V (F5)
Capt Keepers -MIA (F6)
2Lt Sorenson -Received BS/V, KIA (F6)
1Lt Ditteaux -Awarded Purple Heart, platoon wiped out, POW (F6)
1Lt Rownnan (from 3rd Sqdn, F5-6) -Received DSC, PH, KIA (F6)

Major Kavscott-Received BS/V (F7), KIA (F7)
1Lt Dillon -Received Purple Heart (F1), MIA (F7)2nd Lt LaManchew-Received BS/V (F7), KIA (F7)
C Co, 1st Tank Platoon-one tank lost (F1); -platoon eliminated (F7)
C Co, 4th Tank Platoon:  -Two tanks and PC lost (F6); combined with 3rd Tk Plt (F8)
I Co, 3rd Mechanized Platoontransferred to K Co (F8)
K Co, 3rd Mechanized Platoonwiped out (F3), Platoon reconstituted from 3rd Sqdn, 11th ACR (F5-6), wiped out (F7)
Wpns Co, 4 x 81mm mortar, Spiked tubes and swam Main River, MIA (F7)
Captain Bronshtein (incorporated when 1st Squadron, 11th ACR disbanded, F8), received the Silver Star and Purple Heart (F9), KIA (F9)
Captain Lemmey, KIA (F9)
1Lt RobertsReceived BS/V, Purple Heart (F4); MIA (F9)
1Lt Candersen (from 1st Sqdn, 11th ACR, F8), MIA (F9)
Sgt Bajers, received BS/V (F3), took over 3rd Mech Plt (F6), transferred to K Co (F8), received Distinguished Service Cross and Purple Heart (F9), MIA (F9)
C Co, 3rd Tank PlatoonTwo tanks lost (F4); Received two tanks from disbanded 4th Tk Plt (F8); Platoon destroyed (F9)
Kilo Company: eliminated (F9)
K Co, 1st Mechanized Platoon-wiped out (F6), platoon reconstituted from 1st Sqdn, 11th ACR (F8); wiped out (F9)
K Co, 2nd Mechanized Platoon-wiped out (F3), Platoon reconstituted from 3rd Sqdn, 11th ACR (F5-6), wiped out (F6), transferred from I Co (F8); wiped out (F9)


  1. Looking forward to the battles. I see we all made it into Team Whiskey.

    1. Yeah man, it's gonna be great.

      I didn't put myself in there as I didn't want to hear you guys' whining when somehow I was the sole survivor ;)


    2. You named the team after yourself (tangentially), so if we all go down, so do you :-)

    3. S'pose you're right.

      I don't have a line unit, I'm the Operations Officer, pulling the strings from behind the curtain ;)


  2. Just wondering why your tank platoons have 5 tanks?

    1. Nick,

      My understanding, and I may be wrong, is that the US Army went through numerous TO&E changes in the 70s and 80s, which saw some units with 5-tank platoons.

      Also, it fits a bit easier with the scenario book, which several times calls for five tanks on the table. Just personal preference, but I'd rather it be one five-tank platoon rather than a few tanks from one platoon and a few from another, but that's just me.

      I'm pretty flexible with that sort of stuff. Thanks for checking in!