Sunday, August 9, 2015

Forces for Modern Middle East Part 1 - Rebel Minis Special Forces and SWAT


I'm going to run a series of posts highlighting my new 15mm skirmish forces.  There will be some commentary, but mostly I'm doing it just to catalog what I have, and show it for other gamers.  Lord knows, whenever I'm pondering a new period/genre/scale, I spend countless hours scouring the internet for every picture I can find.  So these posts are mostly here for all the kindred spirits out there who need to see lots of photos before they make the leap ;)

These are Rebel Minis, mostly modern US Special Forces, with some modern SWAT mixed in.  I've painted them up as Delta shooters circa 1993 in desert tri-colors for Somalia.

The whole group of 14 figures.  There are actually four more Special Forces figures, but they have boonie covers ('hats') on and so I deemed them unfit for combat in Somalia, and painted them up for modern Africa.

They're wearing desert tri-colors, though I only painted them two colors (desert yellow and leather brown), with black vests and gear, though I painted the hockey helmets and kneepads dark green just to get some color on them.  The weapons are all M-4/16s with optics and foregrips; close enough to CAR-15s for me ;)


Two different poses with MP-5s.


Three poses: shotgun, M-4/16, and MP-5.  I love the fact there are so many different poses in the Special Forces pack!

Reverse.  I think the vests and gear look fantastic.

Three of the SWAT-types (three different poses) with M-4s.  I'm aggravated the two on the left don't have packs, but I'll get over it.  Again, lots of different poses.

Reverse.  I absolutely L-O-V-E the pose at far right.  That is a shooter right there.

Two poses with MP-5, guy on left sans pack.  But the guy on the right is superb; the sculptor has the "duck-squat-shuffle, eyes-on-target" look down perfect.


They were quick and easy to paint up, and I just bought Ambush Alley's "Day of the Rangers" for scenario work, and I'm looking to get them on the table.  I also got a PDF of their Operation Dark Star, so I'll look to play that out (I think it's four linked games).


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