Monday, August 10, 2015

Forces for Modern Middle East Part 2 - Rebel Minis SWAT


Here's a quick one for ya, some Rebel Minis SWAT figures I've painted up as shooters for the desert.  They're wearing desert tan flight suits, Coyote Brown body armor and gear, green helmets with yellow spray-painted camouflage, and camo spray painted weapons.  The post is just to show off the poses, and scheme not my humble painting skills ;)

The whole 8-man team.  I also have an 8-man team in green.  I'm using these as Special Operations Direct Action shooters.

The first two poses, both MP-5.  The poses are close, but are indeed different, most notably in their foot placement.  Once again (yes, you saw some of this in my Blackhawk Down Delta guys), great poses.

Reverse.  Great relief in the sculpts, and everything is big, so really easy to paint up.

Two more guys, one without pack.  That's the only thing I don't like about the SWAT pack, the guys with too-light gear.

Reverse.  How does that color look for Coyote Brown?

Two shooters with M-4s.  In reality they have very large flashlights attached to the bottom of their weapons, but I painted them up as M-203 grenade launchers.  If you look at them head on you can see the flashlights are off set, not centered.

You can even see it some here, in the reverse photos.

More M-4/203 shooters.

That damn light gear!  I suppose I could have tried to jimmy something together for gear, using Miliput/green stuff/something, but I'm really not very handy, and I'm always in a hurry, so I just painted'em up and based them.  Now I need to get them on the table!

More to come.  Lots more to come.  I suppose I'll just publish this post, not showcase it on the forums; I feel a bit sheepish about posting it on the forums as you've already seen these poses, just in different uniforms.



  1. Those are really nice figures...nice camo effect.

    1. Thanks, Jim, I appreciate it!