Sunday, November 16, 2014

French Foreign Legion Campaign Order of Battle

The FFL Sous Groupment

Brigade Commander: Colonel Pouspous (Est.)
Battalion Commander: Major Louis-Louis (Est.)

Task Force Commander: Captain LaPieux (Est.)
Task Force Executive Officer: Lieutenant St. Pierre (Est.)
(1 x Communications NCO, 1 x Medical NCO)

Weapons Platoon
2 x 81mm Mortar teams (2 men each)
2 x Mistral SAM
2 x Eryx ATGM teams (2 men each, directly attached to infantry platoons)
1 x Milan ATGM (truck mounted)
V1: Sgt Lyon (Est.)
3 x HMG teams (truck mounted)
V2 (.50 cal): Cpl Methot (Est.)
V3 (.50 cal):
V4 (Mk19): Cpl Desjardin (Est.)

1st Platoon
1st Squad (Blue): Lt Bisson (Est.)
2nd Squad (Gray): Sgt Adrien (Est.)
3rd Squad (Yellow): Sgt Oran (Est.)

2nd Platoon
1st Squad (Brown):
2nd Squad (White): Sgt Laroux (Est.)
3rd Squad (Red): Sgt Cheauvront (Est.)

Light Tank Platoon (3 x Panhard)
V1: Lt Patrie (Est.)
V2: Sgt Guebert (Est.)

Mechanized Platoon (3 x AMX-10P)
V1: Lt Davault (Est.)
V3: Cpl Geroux (Est.)

Light Armored Platoon (3 x AMX-25)
V1: Lt Marcoud (Est.)
V2: Sgt Petit (Est.)
V3: Cpl Theriault (Est.)

Airmobile Composite Squadron (2 x UH-60, 1 x CH-47)
V1: Lt Compere
V2: Lt Begnaud
V3: Lt Tremont

Cpl Faurot (2)
Cpl Navarre (3)
Lt Harpin (3)
Sgt Bernier (3)

Cpl Methot, Award, Collected WIA under fire (1)
Cpl Desjardin, Award, Destroyed main enemy resistance (1)
Lt Bisson, Award, Led close assault on T-72 (2)
Lt Harpin, Award, Eliminated two enemy squads in close combat (2)


  1. Thanks! Where ya been, Sparker? I've seen a couple posts on The Wargames Website, but not seen a batrep in awhile. I always enjoyed them, from the Napoleonic Black Powder to WWII/Cold War using BKC/CWC.

    You've always seemed to like the 'veteran' connection; check out my "For Some Buddies" post ( for some Iraq and Afghan pics.

    Glad to see you.


  2. Thanks mate, but not the same guy, am an ex Marine though, the Avatar is my former unit insignia (148 Cmdo). Missed Afghan but did the first and second "Gulf" wars

  3. Holy crap! Well, aren't I the @#$%... I humbly apologize Al. It seems there happens to be a gentleman that used to frequent TMP and now visits The Wargamers Website occasionally that calls himself Sparker and uses that same insignia. Apparently I assumed there couldn't be more than one guy on the internet using that as a forum symbol, I'm sorry.

    In any case, welcome Al! It's good to see a fellow vet, and we seem to have covered some of the same ground (2nd Gulf War). As a direct descendant of your nation's finest service, I welcome you to kick off your boots, relax, and take a look around.


    1. Glad to know you Jack, all good mate, actually a Kiwi who worked for the Brits. Stay in touch - enjoying trawling through your Blog, great work!