Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm Back, with More Troops!


So, I have returned after having a bit of computer trouble...  Needless to say, this did not negatively impact my painting time, and I took on a pretty large project, managing to complete one large army, or, more appropriately, three battlegroups and a small skirmish force.

The figures are all from Pendraken's 10mm British Falklands range.  I plan on using them primarily as my Cuban Liberation Army for my "Cuba Libre" campaign (yet to be started).  The entire force is comprised of an airborne battlegroup (red berets), an infantry battlegroup (blue berets), and a mechanized infantry battlegroup (black berets), plus a small skirmish force of commandos (green berets).  Let's get to the pics.

 The whole force, a pretty ambitious project for me.  All told there are 18 officers, 18 weapons teams, 3 sniper teams, 36 infantry teams, and 17 individually based men.  Each of the three battlegroups are identical, with airborne (red berets) at top left, infantry (blue berets) at top right, and the armored infantry (black berets) at bottom left, with the individually-based commandos at bottom right.

The airborne infantry battlegroup.  Here you can see the elements comprising each of the three battlegroups: six officers and a sniper team (far left), two HMGs, two Milans, and two 81mm mortars (center left), then twelve rifle teams (right).

 The infantry battlegroup.  You can see that each battlegroup is divided about 50-50 between berets and helmets.  Though this group has green helmets, I figure the blue berets could allow me to use these as UN peacekeepers as well.

The armored/mechanized infantry battlegroup.

My commando force, with two sniper teams on right.

 Another look at the airborne battlegroup.

 The infantry battlegroup.

 The armored battlegroup.

 The commandos.

 Closeup of some of the officers (these were pinched from the mortar packs).

 Another set of officers.

The three sniper teams.

 Mortar teams.

 MILAN teams.

 HMG teams.  I'm not all that happy with these; they're good sculpts, I just mean that I would have rather had MAG-58s (or whatever the Brits call them, we call them M-240s) on tripods, but they haven't been released yet.  You gotta love .50 cals, but two per battlegroup is a bit... excessive.  But it's all I've got.

 A look at some of the rifle teams, these with walking MG teams.

 More rifle teams, these with prone MG teams.

 Last type of rifle teams, these without MGs.

 A couple commandos.

 Commando MG team.



Well, it's good to be back!  This force took me a considerable amount of time.  That was a lot of dudes to be putting camoflage on, as well as doing sand and grass bases (as opposed to the simpler flock).  I like the camo uniforms overall, though I think a bit too much yellow is showing, but it's not all bad as I intend on using these troops in temperate, tropical, and desert environments, so it was the best I could come up with for a 'universal' camo.


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