Saturday, March 1, 2014

3mm Israelis and Aircraft


So, it seems I'm a liar.  Not intentionally so, as I intended to game, but instead I ended up painting.  If you haven't noticed, I've been on a tear lately, knocking armies out left and right.  I, like everyone, hit painting ruts every now and again, so it's not that I don't want to game, it's just that I'm on a painting hot streak right now and don't want to waste it.  Actually, it's more than that; I actually want to paint more than I want to game right now.  Don't worry, it never lasts long.

Today I went to work on my Pico Armor 3mm stuff, getting a total of 10 tanks and 10 aircraft finished (from scratch).  I went to work on my two Israeli armored platoons, then worked on all my 'airborne' aircraft.  What I mean is, I am going to model a number of my helos 'on the deck' so they can depict dropping off troops, and, unfortunately, my basing system doesn't allow me to show them in flight and on the ground, so I have to have 'doubles.'

First up is the Israeli M-48 platoon, five tanks mounted on pennies.  I timed myself: doing the paintjob took me about 12 minutes each, the basing another five (not counting the time to allow the sand to dry before painting it).

 Side shot of the M-48s.

Rear quarter shot of the M-48s.

 Closeup.  I'm right proud of the tac marks on the turret (both sides on each vehicle).

And now for the platoon that makes all the ladies' hearts swoon, or at least all the Brits: the Centurion (Shot K'al) platoon.  Again, five vehicles.

 Side shot.

 Other side shot.

 Closeup (sorry, that's blurry).  Again you see the tac marks on the skirts.

Now let's get to the air side.
The composite air wing for my MEU: a Predator, two AH-1 Cobras, a UH-1 Huey, and three CH-46, hmmm, I dunno, we always called them 'Frogs.'

 Lower look at the same set.

 The Predator.


 The Huey; look in the door, whaddaya see?  That's right, a doorgunner.  In 3mm!

 Huey, opposite.

 Scarface.  I really like the look of these.

 AH-1, Opposite.

 Close up of a 46.  I hopped quite a few rides in these things...

 CH-46, opposite.

 All three 46s.

 Cobras on the prowl.

Even in 3mm these send a shiver up my spine.  I know it's outdated, but to me the Mi-24 is, hands down, the meanest helo around, and a pair of these popping over the horizon would have been a Marine's worst nightmare.  During my time overseas I was quite fortunate to never see one in the air.


 Hind opposite.

 The pair of Hinds on the hunt.

Now for some friendlies.  This is a PAH-2 attack copter to go with my reunified, reenergized Wehrmacht, who will be refighting the Eastern Front, except in the late 90s or early 2000s.

 Close up.  The glare on the nose and helo mast area is terrible.  I painted this thing in the German dark gray that I intend to use on the Wehrmacht armored vehicles as well.  Going old school to make a point ;)

Opposite, still a little glare on the nose.

Well, that's a wrap, folks, thanks for looking.  Hopefully I can talk myself into a game tomorrow, but, believe it or not, I still have a mountain of unpainted lead lying around, and my painting hand's hot...


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