Sunday, February 14, 2016

Operation Jupiter Campaign Plan and Roster


I've had Ben Lacy's fantastic scenario book, "Operation Jupiter," which covers British fighting near Caen in July 1944, for several years now.  I've always wanted to play through the whole book, and have played a couple of the scenarios but got off track with other projects and then was putting it off to use with my KG Klink.  But then my Aussie buddy, Mr. Shaun Travers has been playing and posting them, and I've got a hankering for some fighting in Normandy that just won't wait, certainly not as long as it's going to take for KG Klink to get there!

So my plan is to follow a fictional British Battalion and German Battalion (the book is well researched and actually uses various British and German units/formations, but I want to follow specific units to make it more personal) through approximately thirty fights included in the scenario book.  As is often my custom, I will be be playing these in 10mm (Pendraken) using Ivan's excellent "5Core Company Command" rules.  But there is a dramatic departure from the norm: I will not be playing these solo!  I will be playing against my 6-year old son, Nik, already a veteran of half a dozen 5Core fights.  I will serve as the British battalion commander, and he the German.

The 5th Westchesterfords North Riding Rangers of the Highland Coldshire Guards (5th WNRRHCG)
Officer Commanding: Colonel "Strapping Jack" McDaniel

A Company - Major Dillon, WIA, decorated for valor, and evacuated (F6)
2iC - Lt Cooman
(F1) Victory, 20 WIA/KIA, one Sherman immobilized but recovered.
(F6) Defeat, 45 WIA/KIA, two Shermans knocked out, three Universal Carriers knocked out.

B Company - Major Travers
2iC - Lt Rownan
(F2) Defeat, 25 WIA/KIA, 10 POW, and one Sherman knocked out.
(F7) Victory, 20 WIA/KIA, one M4 Sherman knocked out, one M10 Wolverine knocked out, and one Bren Carrier knocked out.

C Company - Major Lemmuel
2iC - Lt Boggler
(F3) Victory, 10 KIA/WIA.
(F8) Defeat, 20 WIA/KIA, one M4 Sherman knocked out.

D Company - Major Phillips
2iC - Lt Canham, decorated for valor (F4)
(F4) Victory, 6 KIA/WIA.
(F5) Victory, 30 KIA/WIA, one M4 Sherman destroyed, one M4 Sherman damaged (main gun).
The tank commanders of the Firefly and T3 were decorated for valor, the crews were mentioned in dispatches.

The 457th PanzerGrenadier Abteilung
Commanding Officer: Oberst Kanicke

1st Company - Captain Sorensen, WIA, decorated for valor, and evacuated (F6)
2iC - Lt Weidthaus
(F1) Defeat, 30 WIA/KIA, two PaK-40s lost.
(F6) Victory, 20 KIA/WIA, one Sdkfz 251/22 destroyed.

2nd Company - Captain Keipers, decorated for valor (F2).
2iC - Lt Teigner, decorated for valor (F2).
(F2) Victory, 15 WIA/KIA.
(F7) Defeat, 15 WIA/KIA, 5 POW, one Panther knocked out, one Pz Mk IV knocked out.

3rd Company - Captain Rolfbertsen
2iC - Lt Eichtoriel
(F3) Defeat, 20 KIA/WIA, 5 POW.
(F4) Defeat, 3 KIA/WIA.
(F8) Victory, 30 WIA/KIA, two Stug IIIs knocked out, two Sdkfz 251s knocked out.

4th Company - Captain Eireserb
2iC - Lt Tokapiksee
(F5) Defeat, 35 KIA/WIA, 5 POW, two PaK-40 ATGs destroyed.


  1. Go 4th Co. I'll be following this with interest.

    Cheers, Andy

    1. I'll do my best, Andy! We played two games this past weekend, and split. 2nd Company got kinda roughed up.


  2. Well, you will certainly be playing them faster than me, although I have done the first 8, all enjoyable, especially as I used God's own scale for WW2. Hint: it is not 10mm :-(

    And I expect you to lose quite a few games as you opponent will have children's luck with the dice and it will last several more years yet!

    I will be following 2nd company avidly so don't stuff them up.

    At this point I should really apologise for taking you off your current project(s) onto something else, but I won't :-)

    1. Yes, once again you've inspired me. I've wanted to do this for years, it's about time I get off my butt. The only problem is that it's 30 fights! That's quite a commitment.

      And bad news: 2nd Company got kinda roughed up this past weekend...


  3. Playing with kids is a gret way of getting trounced. They have hot dice :-)

    1. I fear no man! Or little boy...

      We played two games, split them.